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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


On my recent day off I decided to treat myself to a good book and a good coffee. I walked to the library, selected a few books, then headed to Starbucks. I sat down to read while my coffee brewed, and left my books on my chair as a placeholder.
I came back and some guy with a broken leg and crutches was reading one. It was the one I was reading.
"Hi, can I have my book back?" I asked sweetly. "Oh!" He replied. "I didn't know they were yours, sorry. I have 15 minutes to kill so I picked it up." I said it was ok, blah blah, would he like to read my other book? He said sure, we swapped tomes, and I read in peace. In a few minutes he thanked, me, handed me the book, and hobbled out.
Last night I started the book he'd been reading and five dollars fell out of the first chapter.
Who is the man on crutches with $5 to burn?


  1. Wow... very interesting... And that was very kind of you to let him read your other book. I am not going to lie, I am sort of aloof to strangers... It's not very nice of me... Reading this is a reminder that I really should be kinder (not because I am looking for $ from people, it's just a nice reminder that there are nice people out there & I don't have to be snarky to strangers...)

  2. I'm TOTALLY aloof to strangers too (reading Lisa's comment above). It was very nice of you to let him read your other book! And very nice how he left $5 in there. Guess he wanted to buy you a coffee for letting him read your book!

    What an interesting story!! :)

  3. Sounds like he wanted to treat you to coffee for being gracious and generous.