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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The wife's response and my take on it

In case nobody noticed, filial cheating is rampant among politicians, especially recently. The latest example is South Carolina's governor Sanford, who had arguably the stupidest affair of all time. Really, man, did you think you could pull of an affair with an Argentinian?! And the sudden vanishing act...not very subtle. You might as well published a memo that suspicious travel activity indicative of a lurid affair was about to commence. But what makes this affair really stand out is the victim: in this case Jenny Sanford. She's a little different. I'm so sick and tired of seeing the forgiving, stand-by-your-man approach from these political wives. Remember Hillary Clinton? Regardless of her future political designs, I would have respected her so much more if she had shown a little backbone! Then there's Louisiana's own David Vitter, the congressman who hired a prostitute - yet his wife stand stoically and painfully by his side during his speech. I would have at least have been making bunny-ears behind his head...or devil horns. I liked Jenny Sanford's response a little better. When her husband confessed his affair to her privately (well...after she found him out!), she forgave him, but refused to allow him the visits to Argentina he begged for. "It's one thing to forgive adultery," she is quoted as saying, "It's another to condone it." At another time she told reporters that her husbands career was not a concern of hers, citing her children's needs instead. Thanks, Jenny, breath of fresh air! I personally doubt I would have the fortitude to forgive in the first place, but her common sense response makes me respect her. Stick to your guns, Jenny, if I were you I'd drop that loser and go get tested for STDs, but at least remember that, politics or not, your husband is a cheater and gets no special treatment!

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