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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Let's see how the skirt came out...

Here it is, spiffy little business skirt made by moi. Totally worth the hard work.

In case you can't see the details, the front of the skirt has a sort of built in vest that buttons. This allowed me to use my brand-new sewing machine's "auto button hole" function which takes all the sorrow and tears out of button holes. It's much neater but sort of takes the pathos out of sewing clothes.

The back has a neat little vent and zipper, which I managed to not mangle.


  1. It looks very good! and it fits you great =)

  2. Thanks! Major benefit to sewing that I forgot to mention - you can get the perfect fit!

  3. Please allow me to say that one would be more than happy to turn around seeing you passing by.
    With a diploma in the back one sees a successfull woman with a surly bright future.