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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A reflection on my anniversary....

Today my husband and I have been married two years! Yeah, we're still kind of you shall soon find out for yourself as you continue reading this sappy little post (if you close your eyes during kissing scenes in the movies, navigate away from this page now!).

I remember on the day we were married we went to the beautiful Windsor Court hotel following our wedding. We had a morning wedding followed by a brunch reception, so when we reached our lovely suite it was still mid-afternoon. The sunlight streamed yellow through the floor-to-ceiling windows and I just remember thinking that my husband looked different to me. It was as if he had become more handsome to me once we were married! I distinctly remember that moment and this realization: that now that we were married David seemed more attractive to me. I can't really explain it but I think it's rather cute!

There I got my romantic drivel out and you can feel free to make fun of me :)

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