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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sew complicated...

Sewing used to be a money-saver. The Laura Ingles Wilders among us would grab some spare calico and needle and whip up a frumpy housedress for a fraction of the cost of Kmart. Things have changed, though. I sew just because I like clothes and generally tweak a pattern or design my own. Back when Walmart carried $1/yard fabric I saved money, too. But yesterday I decided to make a skirt (a high-waisted black linen number) and to my horror my total after buying a pattern, fabric, and a zipper - I already had thread - was over $30! I could buy a skirt at the Goodwill for a tenth of the cost!
The only good part is that the pattern is reusable. In fact yesterday I made the black linen skirt that works as a career skirt without being too hot (no need to line the fabric, linen is thick and the black is pretty opaque) and today I'm starting one in a pale gray and straw weave. Adorable.

Speaking of saving money on clothes, my latest thrift store splurge was a $15 shopping spree that netted three brand new Ann Taylor button-down blouses, a DKNY button-down, and a charming bright green trench coat (marked down to $5!).

It's also Cheap Date Wednesday today but my mind is sort of chime in if you have any ideas for this weekend!


  1. Coming soon! Picture of the completed skirt pattern #1 (the one on the left)...just as soon as I hem it!

  2. Don't know much about skirts...invited however one of my 'dates' to have picknick within the middle of the forest during rain. Yes, I had a large umbrella available.

  3. What a cute date idea, a picnic in the rain! A big beach umbrella and a tarp to keep the damp from the ground out would be charming. Maybe you could bring soup in a thermos!