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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Running in the heat

I'm a pro at running in heat and humidity. It's always hot and humid here, so I get lots of practice, and in addition heat follows me wherever I go.
Example 1: Clarence DeMar marathon. (High during the race: 81 F)
Example 2: Mississippi Gulf Coast marathon. (High during the race: probably around 80 - 82 F)
Example 3: Publix Marathon. (High during the race: 83 F)
Example 4: Boston Marathon. (High during the race: 89 F)

If you don't like running in hot, humid conditions, don't sign up for any races I'm running. Just a tip.

Anywho, I skipped most of summer running thanks to my persistent and annoying injury, leaving me the lucky girl who got to start back up in beautiful fall temps in the 70's (one morning last week it was 71 F!).

Clothes plastered down with sweat! 
Today the weather sort of reverted to standard September - still not brutal, but 80's and high humidity. I poured sweat. I chaffed under my jog bra and it stung (I have been out of running so long that I actually forgot about body glide). And my pace pretty much made me ill. Seriously, I am out of shape. And I'm not just referring to the thigh chub in the photo to the right (which, like all my mirror pictures, does not show what I wanted it to show at all. Here it is showcasing my sausage thighs and what I wanted to show you was my sweat-drenchedness).
I've lost a ton of speed! Running in the heat makes you strong. I missed that season, and now just a little warmth and I'm dying out there.
In past years I used summer to run slowly and build strength and endurance, setting me up for "fast" (on the scale of my ability) fall races. Not so this year.

How was your summer running? Are you ready for cool fall temps and fall races?


  1. I'm in the same, ugly boat.
    I missed the hottest weeks of the summer, due to my injury and am a total wuss when I run outside, now. Time off decreases speed & fitness, anyway. Couple that with trying to pick it back up when it's still hot & humid and it's just ridiculously discouraging.
    The bright side : It WILL come back. You have a strong base and are naturally fast and fit. Glad you're feeling well enough to get out there and torture yourself!

  2. I am a total wuss when it comes to heat! But you are right, when I was training in New Orleans, running in San Francisco was a breeze! I am glad that you are at least able to run, even if it's not as fast as you would like!

  3. like kyria, I would say i am a wuss-but have little choice to get a bit hot here. today was the first day I ran after 5.30 am ...shows it is cooling down.

  4. Oh I am still in the heat refuses to leave and humidity moved to California ...seriously ... 85 at 7 am....I am over it big time

  5. I don't mind running in heat but Boston killed me!! Couldn't handle it at all. The first time I ran it , it was 87 and didn't feel so bad so it must be that I'm getting old. ;) I'm ready for some cooler weather.