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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We lost power on Monday before Hurricane Isaac made landfall, and thanks to its slow-moving ways we didn't get power back for a week! Luckily we were able to spend a few days with David's parents, who never lost power, and then we followed out plans that we'd made pre-hurricane and flew to Atlanta for the holiday weekend. Our god-children live there and we had a lovely visit with them. They are so precocious. Eddie just turned five, but for some reason he's preoccupied with aging. At lunch one day I pulled out my lip balm and of course, all the kids had to try it. Eddie, however, paused first. "What does it do?" he kept asking me. I told him it sort of made your lips puffy and soft. "Well, ok, then," he agreed. "I just wanted to make sure it doesn't give you those lines in your lips like you and mommy have."
Thee trip was not only a chance to see the godbabies (and my sister - we met for a quick coffee Sunday afternoon), it was the perfect excuse to not sit at home without power. So we really did ok as far as having to entertain ourselves without electricity.
Unfortunately uptown lost a lot of trees, mostly because we have had so much rain this year that the ground was soggy even before Isaac showed up. The added rain turned the ground to mush, and trees didn't have the stability to withstand the winds. I hate losing trees.

I'm loathing going to work tomorrow - for reasons I'll discuss later, but I will briefly tell you that it involves a new system, worst phrase known to man - but for tonight I'll leave you with some Isaac pictures.

Trying to let in light and wind in our living room on Wednesday.  

Trees on cars :(

Loyola law school lost some big old oaks 

Broadway was impassable thanks to another oak

And more trees on cars.


  1. Sounds like your living situation could've been way worse, but it's still a huge pain to have to be made temporarily homeless.
    Glad you're getting back into a normal routine. Good luck at work...I have a couple Walgreens Pharmacy friends. (I think that's where you're employed?) The "corporate changes" are always a blast, huh?!

  2. Those pics are pretty amazing. I am glad you came out of it unscathed. I heard a really interesting quote the other day about NOLA and Isaac--it said that the areas that flooded during Katrina weren't necessarily where the flooding would occur this time b/c Katrina changed the topography. Crazy!

  3. Glad that you made it through that safe and sound...

  4. You were smart to get away instead of just sitting around and waiting!

  5. terrible to see all the trees like this and the 6 yrs old son told me he wants to stay 6 and not get white hair!