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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Injury: Where y@?*

Time to add to my injury timeline! Where we last left off, my PT rediscovered my scoliosis, prompting a whole new list of exercises that left me first totally lame, and then remarkably better. 
For a day. Or like 8 hours.
Then I relapsed - in fact, I had so much pain at one point that I couldn't sleep, and I can sleep through a hurricane. True story.
Well, I'm creeping back slightly now. I didn't workout at all during the hurricane (too awkward with the no-power, the staying at peoples'  houses, the traveling), but once we got to Atlanta for the weekend I got in a hilly run Sunday morning. I was enjoying the much cooler weather and feeling a strong sense of déjà vu - until I realized that I was actually running a portion of the Publix marathon course!
I think uphills can be easy on joints, because the loop I ran was mainly uphill and I felt almost ok afterward. Of course, there was swelling and pain, but not crippling. And right now. just standing is painful so no biggie, right?
Then Monday I actually joined the track group for a workout. Boy, am I out of shape! I ran to the track, did their warmup, then started the workout. It was 10x(300meter at mile pace, 100 meter jog), then a 400 meter jog, then 800 at mile pace. I started with the 6-min mile group and should have sailed easily through the exercise, but actually I was winded two laps in! I started to get back into it by my 3rd lap, but by lap five I was feeling mild pain. I knew I still had to run back home (a mile) and I didn't want to push it, so I quit early and jogged home.
That was the right choice, because this morning I did not wake up in pain.

I think I am making slow headway, and it's partially because I've made a few changes to my routine:
- My PTs did not recommend any core work, but I read many anecdotes in which core work really helped. I tend to agree with this, because one thing I dropped last winter (when I got injured) was core work. So I added in some transverse abdominus work.
- I've been alternating heat and cold on the site. I made a heating pad out of a sock filled with oatmeal. I microwave it and put it in my lap while I eat or type, then swap it for ice.
- New rule: if it hurts, don't do it. Period. This means some of my PT exercises, too.
- No running two days in a row (I did Sunday and Monday, but it was early Sunday morning and late Monday night).
- Avoid popping the joint. I know this is probably revolting, but my pelvis now pops, and sometimes I just can't resist it. But that can't be good for it, right?

So that's my status and my plan. Any other advice? Pile it on, people!

* It's a NOLA thing.


  1. I hope you get better soon. Being injured is the worst. I have a similar heat pack, but use rice.

  2. No advice, though your ice/heat treatment reminds me that I meant to fill a baggie with ice and forgot. My achilles tendonitis is coming back, and surprisingly, my strategy of ignoring it isn't fixing the problem.

  3. I'm glad you are making progress, even if it's slow. And I totally agree with doing PT only if it feels good. I skip many yoga positions for this reason.

  4. Ahhh, hate hearing about you injured Gracie. Been thinking of you. Glad you're making progress. I hope it only continues to get better...sounds like you're being smart about this!

  5. I used to alternate between heat pad and ice pack then one day I just eliminated the heat completely, that's one piece of my adductor injury timeline that I can say it seems I turned a corner for the positive. I think the heat, although it felt good during, caused an inflammatory response that, however small, kept my injury from healing. As far the popping, I meant to ask my ortho that same question. Mine pops too on its own, but also it pops during ART sometimes w my chiro and he's never alarmed by it so it must be ok right? Sometimes it def feels like a joint popping and other times it feels like a suction-cup kind of pop (best analogy I can think of) which I think is scar tissue releasing. Glad to hear you are approaching even PT exercises w an avoid if painful attitude, more people should!

  6. looks like you have a better plan now. PT exercises at first were not doing anything for me but now i see some results..
    I actually ran hood to coast with very little pain...I started using the tiger tail stick also for my a lot better than the foam roller..

    I see there is a race on your calendar now!!!

  7. Well I am glad you have been able to do some running somewhat pain free. But wow, this injury just really really sucks. I hope that you are back to 100% soon!