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Friday, November 18, 2011

Clarence DeMar is turning over in his grave

Remember the Clarence Demar Marathon I ran in September?
The one with open-to-traffic roads, long course, and wacked-out clock at the finish?
They kindly sent out finishers certificates. The only problem is that they got the year wrong.
Someone forgot to backspace last year's certificate. 


  1. Ooops. I am SURE someone is bringing that to their attention. I wonder if everyone is going to get a new certificate....

  2. Doh!
    Well, at least you'll know when YOU ran. ;)

  3. Oh no!! I wonder if they've noticed yet... how does that miss so many eyes!? Crazy.

  4. Oops. Hey someone suggested to me that I let the directors know of my pros/cons etc...maybe you should too! They need to know! Maybe next year they can get it a little bit better!