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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seven Randoms

Jess at From the Bayou to the Swamp tagged me in this post. Jess is one of those weird people who runs in ugly Louisiana summer heat. She obviously needs her head checked.
By the way, she's also a respiratory therapist, which means she deals with phlegm on a regular basis. Brave lady. Just the sound of people clearing their throats makes me throw up a little.
So, seven random things about me? Here goes!
1. I've never dyed my hair or been to a hairdresser. I cut my own hair, even when I went short last year.

I can't fathom paying someone else to do it, it just gives me the willies.
2. I taught myself to read when I was three. Three of my little brothers also taught themselves. That's what happens when you have more books than toys.
3.  Although I chose pharmacy for a career, I am much more right-brained than mathematical. I went to school on an art scholarship and I've made and sold jewelry for years. My favorite things are reading, drawing, poetry, dance, you know - that stuff. I detest math. Consider yourself forewarned if you ever come to my pharmacy.
4. I was homeschooled my entire life, except my parents do this slightly illegal, slightly unethical, slightly questionable thing called "unschooling", which is exactly what is sounds like. Consequently, I did not graduate from high school. Nor did I graduate from college. My first graduation from anything was with my pharmacy doctorate.
5. I have brachydactyly d,  a genetic condition that gives me short, curly, stubby thumbs. They are so short that I can't really play the piano. I mean, I can't play the piano anyway because it requires too much musical talent. But even if I had the talent I don't have the necessary thumb length anyway. Megan Fox has a mild form of this.
Poor little deformed thumbs.
6. I am always cold. Always.
7. I met my hubby online...on Friendster! For you youngsters out there, Friendster predated Myspace.

Now if those weren't random, what is?!
Here's the part where I'm supposed to tag more people but I'm too lame to do that. Soooory!


  1. I can't believe you have never had a haircut!! I love getting my hair cut. I only do it about 4 times a year, but it is such a treat for me!

  2. you've never had your hair cut?!!! you must be a zillionaire by now. damn. i'm impressed!

  3. Love learning these random facts! Can't believe you cut your own hair! I don't like going either, and do it myself once a year--but I also go once a year because I mess up and it needs to be fixed!

  4. Interesting facts!

    Amazing that you can give yourself haircuts! No way I would have the confidence to try something like that, haha

    And the school thing is surprising too, sounds like it all worked out!

    I do remember friendster, it was around back in like 2003 to 2004 lol

  5. I want to hear more about this unschooling thing - it really really intrigues me even if it is considered "unethical". How did you manage to get a pharmacy doctorate without a high school diploma or college degree?

    You are such a fascinating person, I mean that in a good way!

    Also, is it possible to have that thumb thing on only one hand? My best friend has ONE really stubby thumb but her other thumb is normal. How weird is that?

  6. So many interesting things I didn't know about you! Unschooling and meeting your husband on friendster.

  7. Best randomness ever! I love getting to know my blog buddies better / more personally. Just leave the pill-counting to your techs :)

  8. Oh yeah, that was way random. Impressive that you can cut your own hair with such little thumbs.

  9. Thanks for the shout out! I really need to get my head checked or at least my oxygen saturation checked during/after my runs because my mind don't seem right, especially in this heat. LOL! I try to stick to early mornings on the weekends and late afternoons on the weekdays so that I can try to beat our humid Louisiana heat. But you know all about that too?! :)
    Sputum, trachs, and suctioning?? No big deal for me. The nurses I worked with would leave the room when I walked in because they knew what was coming. LOL!
    Pretty interesting facts. I could never cut my hair, even trim it. I am afraid I would mess that up somehow.
    I wish I could paint, draw, or anything like that. I do not have a creative mind or eye for that.
    I can't get over your schooling background. How did you keep up with what everyone else was learning if they were "unschooling" y'all? And how did that work with you getting into college? Were you able to just take a placement exam?
    I went from AIM-ICQ-Livejournal-facebook-myspace-facebook. I kept up facebook during those years of myspace then got rid of myspace over a year or so ago. I joined blogger last year. Now I have Twitter too! Yikes!

  10. Love the random! I didn't get my hair professionally cut for about a decade after getting a really terrible cut.

  11. Haha, ohhhh friendster. I wonder how long myspace will stick around.....

    You're not missing anything with the thumbs. I think I've wacked mine with a hammer so many times that having them a bit shorter would be nice.