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Friday, February 25, 2011

No Races.

All the good races in my area are over. The next half-marathon is October (and it will probably still be 85 F at the start). The next marathon is in November, and it's that sucky one in Mississippi.

Check out the schedule from the New Orleans Track Club.
Yeah, that's right, they're all 5ks! I don't even know how to run a 5k (I've run two; my most recent races, last year, I ran with a stomach bug and had to stop to throw up. Then I ate a bunch of Greek food after).
There are two 10ks I could run, the Crescent City Classic and the Gulf Coast Classic. I am debating whether to run the CCC - it's a huge event but a major hassle.
This shoe is coming in the mail*, and once I wear it I will automatically be faster! No work required! And then I will also own four pairs of running shoes. Ouch. I am really running out of room for all these shoes.

So, two questions for you:
1. Should I run the CCC, even though I complain about it every year? (Think 55,000 runners and half of them are pushing strollers...and the other half are walkers....and they are all in front of you.)
2. Since my options are all short races, how do I speed up for short races? I basically only have one speed, and lately it is in the 7:30 to 8 range - no matter the distance. How can I change that?

*Presumably its mate is arriving, as well.


  1. I found 2 other 10k's... The st. Charles ave. Road race has a 10k for the first time this year (but I'm probably going to miss it since my bachelorette party is the night before) on march 20 and I think there's one in westwego on march 12 that I want to do.I put up links for both on daily mile.
    Also, jen and margee are doing a marathon in nashville in april and I think jen and larissa are doing one in little rock maybe next weekend...

  2. Short races are great opportunities to work on speed. And this does help with the longer distances later on. To get ready for them, I would suggest doing shorter intervals on the track--anywhere from 200s to mile repeats. Aim for doing the shortest distances faster than 5k pace and try to do mile repeats at 5k pace. There's a huge variety of workouts you can do to keep it interesting and fun!

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  4. First - I'm one of the rare individuals (freaks) that actually loves the Stennis Marathon - ha! It's basically become a tradition.

    What about the Pensacola half in April - the Gulf Coast Half April 10th. That would be SO MUCH better than CCC. I ran CCC 1 year and swore I would NEVER run it again. I may go to walk it one day, but NEVER to run or try to race it.

    There's also the Renaissance Half marathon in Ridgland or Madison, MS. They moved it to April 30th this year instead of June.

    Yep, misszippy is right - track workouts, or fartleks. I love speed work.

  5. I say what Miss Zippy says! Ahh, the 5k...I have one coming up as part of my training plan for the marathon...a tune up race. I'm already feeling sick about it. I ran repeat miles tonight and just thinking about holding on to that 6:30 pace for 3.1 sounds YUCk! but those 5ks will help you get faster! Don't know what to tell you about that first question.

  6. I love the CCC, but not for time/speed, just to enjoy a classic New Orleans road race. My goal is usually to beat all the people dressed up as Easter bunnies (one sprinted by me at the very end last year... grr...) But I really enjoy the music/spectators/mimosas/donuts/hot dogs, basically just the whole shebang. I always agree to run it with a friend or two so I enjoy the experience and don't get too frustrated about the baby strollers. I'm signed up!