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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Making the most of the weekend

I think we got all the juice out of this one.
Friday we went to The American Sector happy hour for $0.75 fancy sloppy joes (actually they are pulled pork sandwiches) and $2.50 pints. We met up with one of David's law school friends and talked law, politics, running, New Orleans, and parades. As we were leaving I got a call from my friend Vanessa who I went to art school with. She was home alone with her baby while her husband was out directing a high school play, so we decided to stop by. We picked up ice cream on the way and had dessert with her and her little girl, then stayed to say hi to her husband when he made it home. We were out late and got in bed after midnight.
Saturday I slept in a little, so we rushed a bit to make it to the West Bank through parade traffic for my sister in law's 10 am birthday party. It was at Skate Country. ROLLER SKATING RULES. I forgot that I'm obsessed with it. I was a horrible party guest and stayed on the floor the whole time, skipping cake and presents to get some skating in. ADORE IT. We (ok, I) decided that Skate Country definitely has to be part of our recreation from now on. We left the party and hit the mall to pick up two things: David's replacement ipod, since his died out of the blue (it was still under warranty) and my racing flats, which I had shipped to the store for free and just had to pick up. Luckily neither errand took long, and we were out in a few minutes. On the way back we stopped to catch some of a mardi gras parade since David's old co-workers rode in it. We got showered with useless crap that David will no doubt recycle (he rides in another parade) and caught some sun, too. I think winter is officially over. :(
Once we got home I really wanted to try out my new shoes, so I went for a fast run before showering the parade funk off. I like the shoes, but they're loud. The wells where the spikes would attach cause each footfall to echo! I made curry for dinner and we relaxed for the evening, reading and watching a documentary.
Sunday I planned on going for a run early, then baking the rolls I'd prepped the night before and enjoying a slow Sunday breakfast. Unfortunately someone forgot to set the alarm, and I didn't get up until 8. I let the rolls rise overnight, so I popped them into the oven while I went on a short run. We had time for breakfast and the paper before church. After church we decided to bike to the park and bring a picnic lunch. Everything went wrong. My handle bars broke (my bike already lacks brakes, so I couldn't stop or steer!) and halfway to the park David's back pack actually broke: it was the string backpack I got at The Wall and not only did the cord tear off the bag, but the bag itself ripped, spilling books into the middle of Magazine street! We limped into the park and after lunch read our Bible study chapters for this week. Then we played a little football. Every time we play football I have to re-remember how to throw a spiral. Good thing I'm not, like, an NFL quarterback. Now we're catching up on all the chores we ignored on Saturday!
How was your weekend? Do you roller skate? If so, are you an inline person or a quads person? I don't care what kind of dork I seem, I love me some quads!


  1. Wow, you had a full weekend! Mine was on the quiet side, which I needed after my Paris trip. I had some skype/video chat dates w/ friends, went to church & then out to dinner w/ a couple from church, and did a whole lots of studying for this finance exam I am taking in June. So a nice weekend all in all. Winter is not over here, though... It's still freaking cold and I am SO OVER IT. I did my 5 mile run on the dreadmill today and kind of hated every mile of it...

  2. You guys sure had your share of mishaps on the way to the park! Hope you made it home ok with those handlebars. :)

  3. You weekend sounds like so much fun, well minus the bike and picnic mishap!! I love to roller skate too, I'm always reminded of that when I get out on the rink. I love having such a wonderful weekend, it makes the upcoming week much better!!

  4. The Sunday seemed like it was going to be a good day with the picnic and all. Bummer. My weekend has been good. I soooooo don't skate - I'm too manly.