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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm working a double Friday

Do NOT come to my pharmacy Friday. I will bite your head off or poison you, your pick. I'm working from 7 am to 10 pm straight through, no lunch or dinner, probably no bathroom break either. Pray for me.
Pray for my patients, too!
While I'm busy overdosing little old ladies, for your pleasure:
1. Have you tried Deerfield Farms cheese crackers? They're knock-off Cheese-its sold at drug stores. DELICIOUS. Like tiny crispy slices of butter. Yum.
2. If you need to grab some running tights for winter but are loath to pay $88 for Nike's, head to Walmart (ugh, I cannot believe I'm endorsing Walmart for anything!). They have long running tights for $11 right now and they're pretty nice. A tad thin, but I'll take it for $11!
3. Flying soon? Haha, I am, I have vacation out the wa-zoo! I'm a sucker for coupon codes and guess what? You can get airline coupon codes! I searched sites like and googled "airline coupon codes" and found a 10% off deal. Check it out next time you fly.
4. If you have funky runners toenails like me (ie, only partially know), use a ridge-filler nail polish as a base coat. Sally Hansen and Avon both make one. Apply 3-4 coats before color. It hides some of the lumpiness. Use a sparkly rather than glossy polish for the best camouflage!
5. If you are starting a run in the cold but expect to warm up quickly (like on a long run or a marathon early start) wear disposable latex gloves. You'll look like a drug user, but your whole body will warm up and your hand movement won't be impeded as it would if you wore knit gloves. When you've warmed up, throw the gloves out.
6. My new trick for not losing my mind on the grocery store: One ipod earbud in to block out the sound of the woman shrieking abuses into her cell phone in aisle 4 and library book to distract me during my 45 minute wait in line.
7. Drew Brees had his baby. For weeks - months, even - I've been saying he'd name that child Bowen. I bet $100 on it I was so sure. He named him Bowen. If anyone wants me to pick lottery numbers, I'm charging $5 per call.
8. This season calls for pumpkin everything. I stirred pumpkin into french toast dipping mixture and it was fantastic. Especially with maple syrup. Yum.
9. Halloween candy is a rip-off. Compare the unit price (usually price per ounce) and it is almost always less expensive to buy a non-holiday bag of bite size candy bars. If you do the whole Halloween thing. Hubby and I usually turn all the lights off and pretend we aren't home so all the college students don't play cute and come trick or treating.
10. Your library probably has last season's most popular shows on DVD. Don't waste your Netflix.
Time to go grab a few hours of sleep! 'Night!


  1. Hope that double shift goes by quickly! I was actually at WalMart (I hate that store) last week and saw those tights but didn't buy them but I did score a pair of jeans I actually really like for $10. I'm with you on the Halloween candy. With the exception of Pixie Sticks...those are my go to for trick-or-treaters. I bought them one year and they ended up being the hit, $2 for huge bag of them. But our children need to get a little wiser. when I extend the candy bucket and say pick 2 and they bypass 2 Reese cups for 2 pixie sticks, they need to realize what they are passing up. Of course, then I just grab a huge handful of the Pixie sticks and throw them in their bag anyway.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA That's what I was doing during this whole post! Hang in there today!

  3. Don't OD your little old ladies! :) Gah, I had nursing dreams about "code blue" all night last night!!! Yikes. I'm going to need to look for those walmart tights. That pumpkin toast sounds amazing. Yum! I want to make a loaf of pumpkin bread. Hmm, I wonder if I can pull that off!

  4. That is such a long shift! I hope you don't pass out from exhaustion!!!!

    I didn't know about the coupons for airline tickets. Good call!

  5. Dang girl that is a LOOOONG day! Great tips... well except for Walmart, I steer clear of there! I love my Target running tights though!

    Who knew... coupon codes for airfare. I'll keep that in mind.

    I'm toying with the idea again of running the Mardi Gras Marathon.... my friend down there had a baby in September and I really want to see her and the little guy!

  6. Ha, i loved this list post. Pumpkin french toast sounds amazing! Lord I always think the same thing about halloween candy. They put like 16 tiny pieces of chocolate in one bag and charge you $3 on SALE for it. Ridiculous.