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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Sketch Group!

Remember when I mentioned I was trying out a Meet-up? Since that first meet-up I've actually joined a few more groups. A few weeks ago my "food book club" met (I know, we're pathetic) and this morning I got together with a group of artists for a plein air sketch at City Park. I figured if I didn't get out there with some other artists my paintbrush hand would start to atrophy.
The meet up was a little strange because 15 minutes into the meet-up, the organizer stood up and announced that he was going in to the museum. I sort of balked at that - for one thing, I was hot and sweaty. For another, I don't want to sit around and draw other peoples' art. And of course, I didn't feel like paying $8 to get in when it's free on Wednesdays. Duh! I'm cheap!
But it worked out well in the end. Another girl, Shanna, and I agreed to stay outside to sketch and we ended up hitting it off quite well. She's a real artist, as in she sells her work (!), and we found a little bench on the water to chat and draw. The drawing didn't go so well. Ducks are rapidly moving targets and kind of boring colors. I did this watercolor wash of a bizarre looking black swan, whom I dubbed, "The swan from hell", because of his black and red color scheme and absurdly long neck. The wash doesn't do justice to the size of this guy either - he was as big as a runty teenager.

But art aside, Shanna and I had a good time and grabbed lunch at Fellini's after (yum, chicken portabello wraps!). Much fun! Check out Shanna's art here.
How are you spending your Saturday?

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  1. I wish I could draw! i have the drawing skills of a 5 year old - no joke.

    I spent my Saturday doing a 9 mile run. Then I went to my friend's 30th birthday party. He rented a boat so we did a 2 hour boat cruise & then we went to a favorite local bar on his lake. Was a fun night, but I am EXHAUSTED today. I don't do well when i have to stay up past 1!