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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Great gift ideas from Francesca's

This weekend I went shopping at Francesca's for some (late) birthday presents for my in-laws. I was planning on taking photos of the cute gifts I bought, but as mentioned previously I've been feeling a little sick so I didn't get around to snapping photos. This is too bad, as the Francesca website doesn't carry the same items as the boutique carries. So bear with my descriptions: for one sister in law I bought black flats with tiny gold studs and a black hairband with a rose trimmed in gold zipper (you know, the whole zipper as decor trend - she's kind of trendy) and for the other sister in law I bought a dark purple top with a neck ruffle and a lighter shade of purple crystal earrings. Yes, the pictures would make this so much better. The cool thing is that it was 40% off for Memorial Day! Hurray!
Since I couldn't show you the gifts I bought, I picked out some alternative gift ideas (my birthday is in September FYI):
This cute striped top

with un-fussy earrings.

This bold clutch

with a statement necklace

This casual cardigan

with a belt; for a less girly look you could buy this brown leather belt.
I love many of the items at Francesca's and they are reasonably priced.

Memorial Day turned out to be exhausting, as holidays are, so tonight I am going to catch up on chores and try to get some sleep. How was your Memorial Day?

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  1. Sounds like you picked out great gifts for you SILs! We do not have this store close to where I live. :( I love all the items you showcased, though!

    My Memorial Day was nice and relaxing. I was feeling under the weather so aside from doing a 10 mile training run, I did very little!!