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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cheap Date Wednesday: Biking at Bayou St John

If you live in New Orleans, please discover the bike paths around Bayou St John. A few weekends ago David and I drove to Mid-city to check the paths out and have a little iced coffee.
What we discovered was that we could actually bike from our house all the way to the bayou on bike paths, without getting creamed by an 18 wheeler!
In preparation for such a cheap date I purchased this awesomeness for $18 on Ebay (shipping included):

An insulated picnic basket back pack, complete with blanket, utensils, plates, cheese board, etc. Can't wait to use it, once hubby fixes my bike which he inexplicably broke (we have spent the past month repairing bikes. This dude is rough on his wheels).
Cute story from our last trip to the Bayou: We were watching a mother duck and her baby walk along the edge of the bayou, with the little duckling shakily trying to keep up. All of the sudden he lost his balance and fell into the water! It was so funny to watch his mother's response - quacking and snapping at him as she herded him back to the wall at the edge of the water. She was so obviously annoyed at her duckling, a lot like a human mom!


  1. Aw so cute! I love cheap dates like that. We used to have picnics all the time but haven't done it for quite awhile. Maybe we will again this summer at some point.

  2. Well, you just helped me add a laugh to my tally w/ the duck story! Too cute!

    What a fun date. That picnic set is a great idea. I would much prefer a cheap date like that to an expensive one, actually. Very cool!

  3. I was so excited to hear you live in New Orleans. It was my home during college and I simply can't get enough! There really isn't any place with nearly enough charm!

  4. breakupblues - really?! Tulane or Loyola?

  5. where are these bike paths?!?! New Orleans is so un-bike friendly! prove me wrong! I would love to take them to BSJ and the lakefront!

  6. Anthony - yeah, it IS un-bike friendly! Except Carrollton, right? You can get to Bayou St John by going down the bike bath that runs in the middle of the Jeff Davis neutral ground. It connects to the Bayou. Here's a link to the description: