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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You know what? My job just isn't all that.

People think being a pharmacist is a cushy dream job. They think that I get paid six figures to count pills and put them in a bottle. The job doesn't LOOK hard, after all.
Quite honestly, they're right in a way. I enjoy my job, and I'm good at it.*** That's why I enjoy it! It's satisfaction at a job well done. I do make a nice salary, and it's more than adequate.
Now I'm not going to go into the whole, "BUT!" argument here: But you have to work late evenings or nights, but you don't get lunch, but you have to be on your feet all day, but you get bladder infections from holding it for 8 hours, but you have to work weekends and holidays, but everyone yells at you, but you're on the phone 95% of the time. I knew all that going in, so I'm not griping.
Here's what I am griping about.
I asked for this weekend off to host the big party I mentioned and spend time with my family, who is in town for my brothers' graduation. I didn't get it. I'm scheduled all weekend. That means I spent two ultra stressful days calling every pharmacist I know and begging them to work for me. In the end I traded shifts so that I am working the morning shift Saturday - I miss the graduation but I can make my own party - and got someone to work on Sunday in exchange for TWO Sundays later this year!
This drama has reduced me to a stressed out puddle of red eye...which I tried to show you in the picture above, but the flash made me squint. Take my word for it. My eyes are majorly blood shot!
Do people have a different perception of your job than you do yourself? How has work been sucking lately?

***Oh, why be modest? I'm the best pharmacist ever. There, I said it!


  1. The jerk that is making you swap two sundays for one really needs to burn. That is so mean, especially when it is for a freakin graduation!! What is wrong with people?!

    I don't envy you......

  2. Oh that blows. Really, really blows. I am lucky that I do not have to work weekends/evenings/etc, and I get away from my desk for lunch, etc.

    Most of my friends don't even really know what I do! It's interesting to me but I am sure it would bore them to tears if I told them, so I dn't think they have a perception!

  3. That REALLY sucks!! :(

    Work is sucking lately because I was moved into another position in another department... which should've been awesome... except this department is like the black hole of negativity, pessimism and whiny-assness. It's BIZARRE the different a different floor can make - in my last position I had great coworkers, sushi lunches, laughs... and now it's just a bunch of people who cry when they don't get their way and go at as slow a pace as possible. :S

    I'm so sorry you have to deal with this!

  4. Work sucks lately for me because they transferred me to a new position but didn't give me any training on the procedures. I am trying to learn so many new things and they expect me to do a lot more than I know how to do!