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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gifts for those with everything!

My darling sister in law had a birthday yesterday and I had a hard time finding her a gift. She has a lot of clothes already; she still lives at home so it's hard to get her household items; she's particular about beauty products; and of course she just graduated so she got just got lots of gifts a few weeks ago.
While wandering about Magazine street a few weekends ago, I chanced on a great place to grab a unique gift: an antique store. I browsed for at least an hour and found so many great gift ideas! I ended up getting her the adorable book pictured above. It may fall into the "useless" category, but it's her style and she sort of collects old fashioned pictures and such. She's very artistic so the engravings and poetry should tickle her pink! I hope she loves it!
Thanks to the recession, many antique stores are drastically reducing prices, so now is a great time to find affordable items. This little book was 50% off.
Other antiques that would make fabulous gifts:
1. Silver baby spoons and cups. The antique sets are beautiful shower or christening gifts and are comparably priced to new ones.
2. Antique art, especially local art - this includes framed posters and advertisements as well.
3. A few select pieces of silverware that don't have to match the rest of the service are a lovely wedding gift, and one or two pieces from an incomplete set are quite inexpensive. For example, cake servers or salad tongs; ice pick and ice tongs; punch ladle; nutcrackers.
4. Along the same lines, silver bottle openers or other bar accessories make good fathers day gifts.
5. I found a great quantity of antique (or some of them were just OLD) books that would be perfect for book lovers. An especially good choice is an early edition of a favorite classic.
6. Even if you can't afford large furniture antiques, you can find reasonably priced jewelry cabinets, silverware boxes, serving trays, and bookends.
7. Teapots seem to outlast the teacups and saucers and can be functional pieces or decorative (keep in mind that antique ceramics may have been lead-fired and should not be used with edibles. Silver teapots are safe though as long as they are actually silver and not pewter, which also contains lead. No wonder life spans used to be so short).
8. I found two or three beautiful sets of hand mirrors and combs, two silver and one a very elaborately carved tortoiseshell.
9. Victorians loved pointless decorative items. Tiny hinged painted boxes are nice to "wrap" money or gifts cards in for graduation or birthday gifts.

I'm sorry the pictures look weird today. I don't know why this blog won't format, how annoying.

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