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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Attacked by a small child with a sippy cup!

Seriously, who invented sippy cups with stainless steel? That's what this little prepster was armed with.
I was innocently studying at Starbuck's for my NEXT HUGE EXAM when a family of ill-behaved Nords (ok, tall and blond) entered. After (naturally) sitting next to me, they proceeded to allow one child to mix his cookie and milk together in his palm, then smear it on the table that I was using (dangerously close to my books). The younger child rubbed chocolate in his fair locks, then began bouncing a metal schoolbus toy on the ground, far too close to my eardrum. His mother smiled indulgently and laughed, "He's sure not helping you study, is he?" Nope, not. But it got worse when he suddenly picked up his hefty little sippy cup and hurled it at my head. Now I have apple juice in my hair and a sizable bump on my forehead! You will be glad to know that I responded by graciously handing the cup back although I actually thought I should be able to throw it back.
The worst part of the story is that the visit concluded with a group bathroom visit...when I visited later I found that not only had the parents left their kids' cookie and milk art on all the tables (and had not thrown away empty cups or napkins either) they had let their children urinate on every surface in the bathroom. And one of them left that accursed school bus on top of the toilet paper dispenser.
Now maybe I crossed the line here but the mom came in a couple of minutes later to retrieve the school bus and I asked innocently as she passed, "Do you want to take the rest of your cookie with you too?"
Maybe that was a tad sarcastic. Sorry, I wasn't myself, it was the delirium brought on by the head injury talking.


  1. I don't believe you let them get away with that.

    Now, I may not be a Starbucks aficionado, but surely not everything goes in a coffee house like that, does it?

    There's a simple rule of thumb when something like this happens. Tell the manager. If he or she does nothing, tell him or her that you, in turn, will tell everyone you know (and blog about to anyone who comes your way) how atrociously he or she runs this place of business and how everybody should toss back their lattes on some other corner of the neighborhood.

    Oh. You did that last thing. Never mind.

  2. Hahaha I'll happily tell you which starbucks it was so you can boycott it. I'm not a Starbucks fan at all - PJs for me - but I needed a change of local to study in. I've been at Pj's every day for 4 weeks!!