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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How did my test go? Thanks for asking!

Yesterday was the big pharmacy licensing exam (there are actually two tests; next week I take the law portion). I was not at all nervous simply because I have a health condition that prevents me from being nervous or even having healthy fear. Seriously. I don't think that part of my brain works. I can't get nervous even if I TRY in order to get my blood flowing before a race!
So I sauntered in, cracking jokes with the receptionist (she gave me that, "I KNOW you took a propranolol" look - that was for my pharmacy peeps, they'll get it), acting like I knew everything in the world about pharmacy.
Then I took the hardest test anyone has ever written. I believe Satan and his minions actually write these tests in their spare time.
It was so bad that I left and went to Steinmart next door to the testing center in a complete daze and didn't realize I'd bought a charming cotton scarf until I was halfway home. I didn't cry because my face was frozen in an expression of horror.
I felt better after a few sazeracs. Did I pass? Stay tuned!

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