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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cheap date wednesday: poetry reading

Ok, this sounds cheesy but it is really a lot of fun. Here's how to have a great romantic date for FREE!
1. Go to the library and browse for great poetry: of course love poems are appropriate here, but it is also nice to find a new poet or style. Experiment. If you aren't really a poetry buff to begin with, here's your chance to really break out of the boring date mold, this can be a learning experience as well as a fun date!
2. Both of you select several poems to read. And when I say read, I mean perform! Have you ever seen Anne of Green Gables where she's reading "The Highwayman" with much drama? Like that (although I really hate her character in the books and in fact think Lucy Maude Montgomery was not very talented. I just liked that particular reading, and in fact I memorized that poem after I saw the movie. I was 6!)
3. Get the house pretty: if possible set up a stage (curtains will do just fine) and a podium. At least light a few candles and move the stack of newspapers off the coffee table.
4. Get yourselves pretty. Dress up, as in formal wear! There's no reason for that old bridesmaids dress to just sit in the closet. Any date becomes an event when you are in formal attire. Plus that's half the fun.
5. Take turns reading poetry with much aplomb and applause and feel free to have a commentary or question and answer session too. You can get all literary... or just bs it, which is fun too.

It is actually very enlightening to hear what your sig. other chooses as a meaningful poem. Also a fun event with a group of friends and of course great photo ops.

Above: me and the hubby dressed up for a date night. I designed that dress but picked the worst, wrinkliest fabric!! :-(

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