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Friday, September 8, 2017


I'm actually sitting here shivering in 69 degree weather. Somebody call an ambulance! My fingers are turning black and falling off!

But really. I hate that the gulf is full of hurricanes, but who can complain about cool weather? Today we had an aerobic run on schedule: eight to ten miles of "90-95% marathon pace feel". You know what? That's kind of hard to gauge in this weather. I met up with a small group, and the miles flew by at about 7:11 pace. In warmer weather, I'd be at 7:30, maybe 7:40. But this was conversational pace, so we went with it. Here's hoping that the old adage is true: fall PRs are built in the summer!


  1. I totally believe that fall PRs are built in the summer. I saw your comment on my post about how you would have made the same decision I did. Heat and humidity make your body work a lot harder, so it's really a different race or training condition when you throw those obstacles into the mix.

  2. Fall PRs are definitely built in the summer. Our summers are not as hot and humid as yours are, but they were hot/humid enough to really help with conditioning. When the cool fall temps hit, runs felt so much easier!!