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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Career twist

I got an MBA, I've been killing it at work, and I've been here for a while - the next step is to move into management obviously, right?
Well, no. It would make sense. But I have now turned down a promotion three times. I did get the MBA with the assumption that I'd eventually be forced to move into management and out of my pharmacy, but with another restructuring (we've done one every year for three years) it looks like I might have a loophole. And I'll take it.

I just kind of want to stay a pharmacist. So the career twist is that I want to stay just where I am. I know it's not a smart longterm move: never turn down a promotion! But a promotion would take me totally out of patient care, and straight into a very different area of work. I'm not ruling out an eventual move up, but for now I want to stay with my patients.

And as for career incentives, well, I'm never really sure what's next with my company. Since management roles keep changing, I could be setting myself up for a job with less interest to me, or one that could be eliminated in the future. But a pharmacist? A pharmacist is always needed.


  1. I don't think you should think of this as a bad career move. I think it's important to know yourself and what you like and what makes you happy in your career. I had the opportunity manage people earlier in my career. I thought that was the goal - to become a manager. Turned out I HATED it. I learned that I am better as an individual contributor and I have no desire to ever manage people. I enjoy leadership positions and have had an opportunity to lead in my roll through special projects or by chairing my company's Minneapolis chapter of our women's employee resource group. But beyond those leadership opportunities, I NEVER want to be an actual manager. Also, like you said, there is a risk that comes with being a manager as some organizations have way too many managers. But you know they will always need great, reliable, knowledgeable pharmacists.

  2. I've been following your blog for awhile (over a year?) and I don't think I knew you were a pharmacist. You talked about the MBA, so I figured it was a business job of some kind. Both of my husband's parents are pharmacists (well, they are retired now) and it is a great profession. I think it's awesome that you know what you want.