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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

You can't get up early enough

The problem with summer marathon training in New Orleans is that you just can't beat the heat. You can go ahead and wake up at 3 am. It will still be hot. In fact, sometimes it's worse than mid-day because the early mornings are stiflingly humid. This summer of running seemed particularly tough, with day after day of hot and sweaty runs. I wasn't imagining it: we set a record this year for the most summer days in which the temperature never dropped under 80 degrees. You can read the full story here. 

The implications of FORTY-THREE days in which the temperature never dropped below 80F are obvious - more heat-related injuries, higher electric bills, and of course, miserable runs. Somehow I survived this summer (which otherwise seemed average to me as heat goes) but the hot, hot mornings definitely impacted my running. On two particularly warm and humid mornings I felt like I hit the wall, and it was partly sodium and fluid related. One morning, I decided to eliminate the temptation to stop for water on my tempo run, and ran nine miles without water. And then I was dehydrated all day.
The temperatures haven't really changed yet. After a few brief days of less heat, the thermometer stuck, and now we're firmly stuck in the low 90's with more humidity on an average morning than California received in rainfall all year. Last night's speed work was done in 89 degrees with 91% humidity and a sky full of heat lightening. I'm so ready for fall!


  1. Ugh, I can't imagine running in that kind of heat and humidity!! I know you are going to love running in MN as the humidity is so low right now and our highs are usually in the lows 70s in early October. I'm hoping you get awesome race weather because I think if you get a cool, low humidity day, you are going to FLY on that course! Kudos to you for training during the summer as I know it's not a fun time of year to train!

  2. I live in SC and it's not much better here. It seems like summer has gone on and on. We have had maybe 2 random cool days, but both of those happened to be the day AFTER a workout for me, so my pace was about the same as usual, not faster. I have a 10K race this Saturday and it's supposed to be cooler... I hope it actually will be. It's hard to stay hydrated and the heat just wears your body out. It makes a 5 mile run feel like 7 miles, honestly. At least it won't be like this during the Fall races because they are later in the season and sometimes in cooler climates...

  3. Yeah, we're in a similar boat, but I almost always choose morning running with the cooler temps and higher humidity. We hit 79 for overnight lows several random days, so no big over 80 streak for us this year! But the last couple days we've gotten a huge break. Still highs in the 90s, but lows around 70 -- thrilling!!

  4. I hate winter but man, can we just get a little break? It is September 29th, it doesn't need to be 90* anymore. At least lower the humidity.