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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ultra Garmin

My new Garmin arrived Thursday! I spent Friday setting it up and noticed that its previous owner didn't delete his last stats: the last run on the Garmin was 46 miles at 16 minute average pace, so we're talking ultras. Plus he also had all the settings configured to "direction headed" and orienteering sort of stuff like that. 
I felt bad deleting his history, but I also felt bad snooping on it, so - bleep! - I erased it.
The new 305 is in better condition than my old one. The band isn't cracking yet (mine had) and the buttons are nice and new-looking, whereas my old buttons had dry rotted and crumbled. I reset all my preferences and so far, it appears to work just fine.
It's a deal for $20!


  1. Cool that you know a bit about the watch's history, you'll do it proud!!

  2. Wow, that is a steal! I had that watch before my current 220 (or whatever model it is - it's the one you just returned, I think). That's awesome that it is in such great condition!

  3. I'm feeling like a dumb ass for spending $130 on my refurbished 220! I think a 220. I'm so impressed!! And it has a story to tell... my favorite kind of new to me thing! kind of in awe at your frugal nature and mad shopping skills!

  4. Is the 305 heavy? Like you probably won't forget that you're wearing it. Bummer to hear that your 220 didn't work out for you. But, that's pretty neat that you found a replacement watch for $20.00

  5. He meant for you to see it, total humblebrag! ;)