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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hip flare

The last few days I've been experiencing a hip pain flare - pain around the left hip after sitting or running. It's surprising how easily I am handling it now: last year (almost exactly a year ago) my left hip hurt after the Crescent City Classic, and I panicked. Now I know what to expect: pain for a little while, then it slowly calms down. I have found that when I lose my balance between strength and mobility,  I can irritate my hips. Too much mobility causes hip pain, while too much strength causes tightness and reduced speeds. I need to come to grips with the fact that, while I enjoy a short yoga session post-run to force me to stretch, it's not the best choice for me. Anything that breathes, "hip opening floooow" during the opening panpipes (or dulcimer, choose your hippie instrument) is not healthy for my repaired hips.

I haven't really been taking time off running (I took off Sunday and Monday, but Monday is my regular off day), but I am adding in some strength. Lately, I like this Nike Training Club workout for an easy post-run routine. I should (but don't always) pair it with harder/heavier stuff.
I have a 5k on Saturday, so I hope I can work some strength magic by the end of the week!


  1. I'm glad you don't panic and know what to do when you feel hip pain! Hope it feels better in time for your 5k this weekend!

  2. I hope your hip recovers for your 5K. Thanks for recommending that Nike workout, I have that app and need to actually use it :).

  3. It's such a hard lesson, that too much mobility is as bad as too little. You certainly seem to have it in hand, though.