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Monday, April 4, 2016

Still clumsy

Ugh. Another fall! This time it was on the dirt track around Audubon park, as I tripped over a root hidden deep in the leaves (it's fall here, did you know that?). I hit my right hip, both knees, and my left hand pretty hard. 
The CCC gives you a few free photos. Here I
am not exerting enough effort. 

This means:
1. Probably some serious hip pain; my hips do not take kindly to hard falls anymore
2. No crawfish for me. It was perfect crawfish weather, but spicy salty juice running into my tender, torn palms sounded like a terrible idea. 
3. Maybe some time off. I caught my foot on the root as I fell and jammed the joint on my big toe. It feels like mild turf-toe. I'll see if the swelling goes down today, then reassess. 

If I'm still running this weekend, I have a 5k, which I expect to be spectacularly slow. In other news, the Crescent City Classic sent out race photos, in which I look like I'm out for a jog (I was).


  1. I can totally see how you fell in Audubon Park. Ouch! I hope that you're still able to run the 5k. I'm assuming that you're doing the Bursting with Speed race? I SO wish I could do it, but I have a 22-miler scheduled (last long run! yay!), and unfortunately, that's my priority. Last time I tried doing a 5k (Fall Classic) and then a long run the next day, I got semi-injured. Not willing to risk it this time!

  2. Aw man, Sorry to hear about your fall. Take it easy this week. Easier said than done, if you run for stress relief like me. I hope your midterms went well. :)

    1. They did! I have 98s in both classes! Hope yours did, too!

  3. OUCH! That fall sounded painful. I feel like we are sort of twins with our hip issues and our propensity for falling... I hope you heal soon so you can get back to running!

  4. Oh no, sorry girl! That totally sucks. Hope it's all surface scratches/pains and nothing that sticks around more than another day.

  5. Falls are not fun. I live in fear of them - which is why I won't run on trails any more. I'm convinced that a fall will equal a broken hip and that wouldn't fit well in my racing schedule this year.

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  7. Aw man, I hate that you fell. :( I know when you run enough it's going to happen, but it's been a while since my last bad one and I'm not looking forward to repeating the experience any time soon.

  8. Ow! Hope you're feeling better now. I wouldn't be able to resist crawfish...have you considered donning nitrile gloves? (I'm sure they'll be quite the fashion statement.)