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Sunday, April 17, 2016


It's finals week already! My first two accelerated classes are wrapping up, and I should have A's in both unless my crazy professor gives our group project a bad grade. Her grading is very nonintuitive. She gives points for doing the most basic thing - "Great background in your proposal video" - who cares about the background?! - and takes points off for things unrelated to communication at all - "Your email scheduled a meeting at 7:00 am. Who meets at 7:00 am?" So if we fail the final project, my grade could be anything. My accounting grade is pretty solid - I have something like a 98.99 (I've already taken accounting in undergrad, so this class was not hard).

I've been surviving the whole work-45+-hours-a-week-plus-accelerated-classes thing. In fact, I still have my little bit of free time. Saturday night David and I went out for cocktails at Cure, where we took a selfie.
Hm, this really doesn't show up that well blown up like this. 

Ha ha. BTW, you should follow me on Instagram! I'm doodlesduringrounds, because that's what I do...I doodle during rounds using my iPhone notes app.

And then today we went to our church crawfish boil, which was fun despite the dark and stormy weather.

After this week of finals, I have a week off before my next classes start, so I can get some big projects done. Ah, free time! And then it's back to the old grind with the next two classes, Managerial use of accounting and Managerial law. I'm looking forward to that one.
Now back to my accounting homework!


  1. Plus you managed to train and run a marathon along with the all the work and grad school ;). Good luck with finals!

  2. How'd you manage to work a full schedule, take all the classes, train and run, AND still have a social life, lady?! :) Also, your professor is indeed nuts. CEOs will schedule a meeting at 7am if it suits them.

    1. We meet at 7:00 am all the time in healthcare!

  3. That's crazy that it's already finals time! I am impressed by how much you fit into your weeks. I feel like all I did during my MBA program was work and study/go to group meetings. I was not great at fitting in running! So kudos to you for finding a way to fit it all in!

  4. Woot! Good luck, and then enjoy the down week! Looking forward to reading about your law class in particular!