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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Scheduling my life

I enjoyed reading comments on my first MBA post, because it made this seem a lot more doable. Many readers have gone back to school under much more difficult circumstances; they survived, and so will I!
I'm done with the second week now, and it got a lot easier. My class assignments weren't available until Monday of the first week, and they are due Thursday of each week, so that was a bit of a crunch. But after that, I could view the reading assignments on Saturday morning and start working on projects on Sunday. I took Saturday off, but on Sunday afternoon, I completed all the reading, one set of accounting homework (we are currently doing two per week), and one of three management communications assignments. That made the rest of the week much easier, especially since I had a work event to attend Wednesday night.
So here's my proposed schedule for the week, to work around class requirements:
- Monday: keeping track for now; it might not be continued after the Crescent City Classic 10k in a few weeks (what we're all working towards).
- Tuesday: dropping Tuesday Bible study. This is kind of  long story: we attended this study with our last church, and when we changed churches, we stayed on at the study. And ever since we've been trying to politely leave. We really enjoy the study, but it's just too much every week! This is a good excuse.
- Wednesday: we're group leaders for our community group (with our current church!), so this stays.
- Thursday and Friday - off! Everything is due Thursday, so I get some time to finish last minute schoolwork, and Friday is free time.
- Weekend: Saturdays are forced off of school because nothing is posted unless it's accidentally early. Sundays I have a whole afternoon free, which is perfect to get a jump-start on the week.

Orange lips make it look like I care.
Other ways I've made time for school:
- I roped David into doing the dishes. For some reason, I usually do them. I formally handed that task off to him.
- I've taken to simplifying mornings with easy make-up - just under-eye concealer and lipgloss made infinitely more chic by this LOVELY orange color - and plain hair (the joy of bangs; brush your hair, and it's done).
- I am cutting corners in the kitchen: buying instead of making bagels; using the slow cooker; leaning more heavily on easy meals like beans and rice or pasta. I can survive boring food for a year!

By the way, my management communications class allows us to post all of our assignments to a shared forum, which...heavens. I am slightly appalled. Some of the posts are impossibly incoherent. I keep telling myself in disbelief that all of these posters already have undergraduate degrees, and that floors me. For example, one poster referred to "the et al study" several times. Part of my soul died! This is why I would be a bad teacher: I'd be posting things like. "What is WRONG with you?!" instead of constructive criticism.


  1. I'm glad that you have found ways to adjust your scheduled so you don't feel as overwhelmed and have enough time to dedicate to school. I went through with my MBA but I went through it BIG TIME when I got my CFA designation. I just kept telling myself: This is a temporary phase of your life. You look great with the minimal make-up, by the way!!!

  2. You've got this. You've done exactly the right thing - prioritised your activities to make sure what has to get done gets done. Doesn't matter so much about what happens with the rest.

  3. What kind of undereye concealer are you using? I'm grudgingly accepting that I need to use one.

    1. It's Wet 'n Wild's concealer stick! It's $1.39 and works better than any other brand I've tried.

  4. The 'et al study'? I'm dying :D I do not suffer fools glady, oh dear. Think of it as an exercise in Zen practice.

    I think you've got the right idea about prioritising your schedule, though. Keep what's important to you (and also keep one or two things that really matter for your stress relief). The rest can go.

  5. "the et al study" ... oh my heavens. D: