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Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Garmin 220

In a moment of panic, I bought a cheap, manufacturer-refurbished Garmin 220. It's a big change from the 305, and it's not all good.
New watch, old coffee cup (I despise Disney anything,
which makes this mug funny).

- gets satellite many minutes faster than the 305
- easy to set and change settings

- Only has six data fields. What was I thinking?! I need seven: Time, pace, distance, average pace, lap time, lap pace, lap distance.

Now, I don't need all those fields all the time. The lap time and distance are only if I'm doing a workout off the track. But who wants to reconfigure settings all the time? I guess it's a good thing that it's easy to do on this watch. I'm about to go try it out and see if I can run with the thing. I expect there will be a big learning curve!

Check back in an hour...


  1. I think that might be the model I have but I actually love it. But all I really care about is my pace so I don't need as much data as you do. I like that it's less bulky and it has bluetooth so syncs to the Garmin ap on my phone. But the Garmin I had before was very clunky and old. I can't remember the model, but it felt like I had a laptop on my wrist.

  2. I like the look of it, anyway. I know my Garmin will let me set up a couple different pages of data fields. That might be an option for you. Of course, I rarely take the time to actually figure out how to do all the things it could do for me...

  3. I have the 220 - I like it! So much smaller than the 205/205, which is nice. (Not that the size of the other Garmins ever really bothered me.)

  4. I'm jelly. I was supposed to get the 220 but, Best Buy didn't send it to me in enough time. (I waited three weeks before flipping out). And I caved and bought the 25. But, I love the simplicity of the 25 and I like the bluetooth feature.

  5. Ugh, I detest the 220. I use it only in emergencies.

  6. I loved the 220!! If the battery life were longer it would be the perfect watch.

  7. Hello old friend! :) I need a new cheap lower end Garmin. maybe this is it. How much do they run? I know, I can look myself. I just want time, pace, distance. Simple.

    1. Not even cheap! It was $125 refurbished. I sent it back: I am wither buying an old 310 off a friend or a 305 off Ebay.

  8. I have a Timex marathon watch that has never been out of the box. The thing will not sell on ebay! I got a Garmin 910 for doing tris, so I don't need the Timex.