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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Limoncello factory

My sister-in-law had me over to pick some of her plentiful citrus this winter, and that means one thing: limoncello!

Well, it also means tangerine-cello. And tangerine jam. And lemon preserves. And lemon juice. And salted preserved lemons. And tangerine-clove-honey marmalade. I had a LOT of citrus!
The fruit was incredibly pretty
Limoncello is super easy to make: You carefully peel the fruit, then soak the peels in Everclear.
Tangerine peels in Everclear - look at the color! 

After two weeks, you mix with sugar syrup and let it age for a month and a half.
Limoncello and tangerinecello.
Beautiful, huh?
When David and I were buying the Everclear, we were getting SO MUCH attention. You cannot go into a New Orleans grocery store and buy eight bottles of Everclear without eliciting many comments! Besides the general ribbing and teasing while in the check-out line, we were overheard talking in the parking lot: I was telling David the process to make limoncello, and another shopper heard me say, "Well, you can make it with vodka or Everclear" - and he wheeled around and told us he wanted to be invited to THAT party!


  1. Lol. That's funny about all the attention you attracted - but I can also see why. That's awesome that you had access to so much fresh citrus! I want to come to a party where those liquors are served, too!

    P.S. I had my follow-up appt w/ my hip doctor yesterday and he referred me to the surgeon in his practice. Womp womp. :( So I might have some questions for you after I meet w/ the surgeon. Maybe he'll say I won't need surgery but we'll see... the PT isn't helping and I'd like to be pain free so I guess I am coming around to being open to surgery.

  2. So when are you having that party? I love citruscello! Other stuff you can make: blueberry-lemon muffins, and Indian spicy lemon pickle - something like this: