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Monday, March 14, 2016

Easing back in

After a week off (totally: except strides and stretching on Monday, I did no form of exercise all week), I got back into running with a Monday night track workout.
I rounded up some of the troops on Facebook, and we had one of our bigger track groups. We had a ladder workout on schedule, which I ran solo, since I started late (the track time is while I am still at work, unfortunately).
The rest of the week was mostly short runs: 4.5, 7.5, 4.5, then off Friday for rain. Saturday I ran ten, which felt oddly short, including my hill repeats: ten on the longest side of the levee, 5 on each shorter hill, for 25 total. The temps weren't bad, even though I woke up very late, with 72 at the end of the run. The humidity, however, is up in the 80's already.
I tried to finish Saturday's run with 2 miles at half-marathon pace, but I really struggled. I got the last two miles at 7:15 each, but that kind of fast finish used to be easy for me. Now I can't even hit it - even adjusting the pace to my new (slower) half-marathon pace. I don't know if I'm still fatigued from the marathon or just tired in general (I've been up late with these classes!) or just darn slow. Anyway, I finished with a 7:26 pace for 10.5 miles and it felt kind of hard.

My ankle isn't swollen anymore, but it really hurts in heels. I've been wearing flats, but I put heels on Friday night to hear my talented friend Sarah Dupee sing at the House of Blues. It was a really fun night: Each hour from 9 to midnight a new young artist was showcased in their covered outdoor patio (The Voodoo Garden). They were also boiling crawfish out there, and I wish I'd known, because I would totally have skipped cooking dinner and had some crawfish!
Off-topic, but the second performance was by a small band that was OH SO VERY BAD. They had a nice sound and talented musicians and the singer had a ton of energy, but he had zero vocal talent and OMG their lyrics. They were terrible. I'm talking, "Your love is the best/better than the rest/you make me want to nest" bad. Yet their high energy carried them through, and the audience loved them! (Except David and I, who kept up a snarky text commentary throughout).
Anyway... long story short, my ankle hurt later, but I covered it with Vietnamese Green Oil from my pharmacist who works with me (she's Vietnamese and hooks me up with some cool remedies), and it felt much better by morning!

Live music, open mic night, up-and-coming bands - what's your worst or best story?

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  1. I'm glad your ankle is feeling better! That bad band sounds awful... I rarely see live music because that would require me to actually stay up late/go out to bars, etc. Ha. So I don't have any good stories! But we did go to a wedding where the couple sang a song and had back-up singers that played kazoos and tambourines... and then the couple did a reprise of the song at the end of the ceremony... So yah. That was interesting/memorable.