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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Creeped out

A few months ago, we were awakened in the middle of the night by someone trying to get into our house. He had opened our gate, entered our backyard, and was vigorously trying the back doorknob. Then he wandered the backyard for a few moments, during which time my foolish husband flung the door open and shouted, "What are you doing in my yard?!" To which the guy smirked, "Leaving" and David bellowed, "Then do it!"
Eventually off he slunk, after repeated attempts to get into our house, the landlord's side of the house, and the back shed.
It was pretty creepy, because he tried to enter our house for about 10 minutes. But we thought it was probably a disoriented drunk who ended up in the wrong yard and meant no real harm.
Totally creepy, though?
It happened again. Last night. The same guy.
This time David again stormed downstairs, but didn't go outside - I'd hollered at him last time because this guy could be armed. But he shouted through our backdoor window. "I see you! Get off my porch!" But the guy just stared back at him and rattled the knob, then tried prying the door with his fingers. He slammed the screen multiple times, and didn't budge off the porch. This time I persuaded David to call 9-1-1, but he could barely make a police report over the racket this guy was making with the door. It's a little scary to be upstairs in your own home hearing someone try to break in.
The police arrived in about 5 minutes and went straight to our yard, but he'd left minuets before. He left the gate open, the screen door ajar, and even opened our laundry room door. But he didn't steal a bike, which is funny, because I am TRYING to get one piece of crap bike stolen. It's not locked up, but it's so ugly not even an intruder will steal it.

I'm a little annoyed at this point. Twice? What does this guy want? He's not a neighbor, so it's not like he came home to a similar-style house on his street, too drunk to get the address right. David got a good look at him and didn't recognize him.

For now I'm being a little more vigilant about setting the alarm, but if it happens again I'm going to stay up all night with my shotgun.*

* I don't own a shotgun. I'd shoot my eye out. 


  1. OMG!! I'm not a gun nut. But, we purchased a handgun in 2012, because of a very dangerous and fatal home invasion that happened in our city. It shook me to the core. But, when the rubber meets the road, I hope we never have to use our handgun.
    It sounded like this guy was pretty determined to get inside your home. Please be careful.

    1. Agreed! Something similar led me to getting a small handgun. I even took a class on how to shoot it. I DO NOT want to have to use it, but if I'm home alone with the baby...

  2. Dear lord that's terrifying. What is wrong with people? Install floodlights and a good camera?

  3. Man, that's really scary Grace, you guys be aware of what's going on around you, on the way home and such. David's not foolish, he's just protecting you and his home. I think most people are extremely "fight or flight", he's obviously "fight" when it comes down to it. I'd have done the same thing. Since he's obviously trying to break in when y'all are home, I'd say he's either a meth-head or mental. It just doesn't seem like he's trying to rob you or he'd do it when you're gone. Be careful ... that's a little below average.

  4. Um, that is HORRIFYING. Some kids broke into our house once (when we were gone) and stole some little things like cameras and jewelry. It is such a weird feeling knowing that strangers have been in your house and through your stuff. They got caught though! Hope your weirdo gets caught too.

  5. GAH!!! That's so scary! Heck yeah to being vigilant about your alarm, and maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to install those movement sensor light thingies on your porch. That guy sounds like a complete NUT.

  6. Very scary. I also vote for motion lights, and agree, it's probably a druggie or someone with many screws loose to persist when he knows you're home and awake. We have guns at home (my husband is a police officer) and unfortunately, I think if this happened at our house, the guy would have been killed -- which is a shame, because there's a good chance he's harmless, confused, high, whatever.

  7. Terrifying. I can't even imagine. Hope they find him soon and tighten the loose screws in his head. So glad to hear that you're safe. Time for a dog?

  8. Agreed about the handgun and flood lights. My parents recently got some flood lights that are activated by a movement sensor. Of course, now stray cats are setting them off at all hours. LOL.

    Back to your situation, holy moly. SO SCARY! Please be careful, especially as you leave and come home by yourself.

  9. OMG. This is terrifying. Who stands around continuing trying to get in when they know someone is home?? You've got to be right--there has to be some kind of drug/alcohol situation going on. Which kind of makes it that much more terrifying. I say next time (!!?!) call 911 at the first inkling of trouble.