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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More hip routines

I am still toiling away at strengthening my hips, and I do some kind of hip routine a couple of times a week.
Here's a basic routine I use, with three options: 
1. A fast, easy routine I can complete on any weekday
2. Increased reps in parentheses for a longer routine
3. Additional instructions in brackets for a harder routine.

- Warm-up: Myrtle, 10 reps each exercise
- Lunge series: Forward, back, side, diagonal - with weights, 5 each (10 each) [add bicep curls]
- Squat series: 15 each (25 each)
Balance taps
     - regular
     - single leg [balance on cushion]
     - monkey squats
- Russian split squats: 10 (25) each side, with weights [add bicep curls]
- Deadlifts with weight: 25 each side [balance on cushion]
- Balance taps: 10 (15) each side. Stand on one-leg in one corner of a square with a small cone or item on the other three corners. Squat and extend both arms to tap the top of each cone in one direction, then return. Stand back up. That is one rep. [hold a light weight to tap cones with]
- Monster walks, forward and back, with resistance band (twice)
- Resistance-banded squat walk, forward and back (twice) 
- Resistance-banded ankle walk, forward and back (twice)
- Plank series: forward, each side, 1 min each 
- Side plank series: 10 each (25)
     - dips, leg lifts, reach under and rotate
- Resistance band steamboats, 10 (25) each direction on both legs [balance on cushion]
- Resistance band clams with lifted extension, 25 each side
- Quadruped bent leg lifts, 15 each side (25) with pulses, 15 each side (25)


  1. I've always had really bad balance and cannot do balance taps. They're a great exercise, but I tend to spend more time falling over when I do them. Nice drawing.

  2. Good stuff. Thanks! I'll be referring back to this post. I really am trying to be disciplined about doing a good 15 minutes post-run of hip/core stuff after EVERY run. It's nice to have variety.