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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New shoes! Saucony Cortana

I like to have two pairs of shoes in rotation (three if I'm doing track stuff - I wear flats for that). I wear a lightweight everyday shoe most of the time, but for most long runs and for very easy recovery days I like something bigger and squishier. But not huge. Right now I wear Saucony Kinvara 1's a lot, which I adore, and my more bulky shoe is the Brooks PureCadence.
Problems with the PureCadence:
- Although it offers more support than the Kinvara, and it's heavier with a thicker sole, it's only marginally more bulky and squishy. I'm looking for more in between my foot and the ground, and the PureCadence lacks that a little.
- They don't fit me quite right. I am in a men's 8.5, which is absolutely necessary for the width, but is a little too long. They cause lots of toe blood blisters and lost toenails, and that's kind of annoying. 
Otherwise, they're fine shoes, but since my current pair is about to wear out, I went online shoe shopping.
Flat laces and fat feet
I ended up with the Saucony Cortana. They are very soft and cushioned, but not terribly heavy, so I'm excited to try them out. I've basically only tried them on at this point, since I still have 50 to 100 miles on the PureCadence, but as there is a 90-day return policy at the retailer where I bought them, I think I can wait.
I did just a couple of blocks to test for fit this morning. So far I noticed a few cons:
- Toe box could be wider. This might be a problem.
- They have flat laces. I foresee them coming undone all the time. I also noticed when I took a picture of the flat laces that they make my feet look short and fat, which is the opposite of reality (allow me to remind you that I'm wearing men's sizes).
- They are very warm!
But pros? So far it's obvious that they're very cushioned and comfortable. I think they'll work, but a real review will have to wait until I retire the PureCadence and get some miles on these. They were a deal, by the way: I got them at Running Warehouse on clearance, plus 15% off and free shipping, so my total was under $50.

While I was outside taking feet pictures I took a picture of my porch swing...David proposed to me on that swing (well, I was on it, he was on one knee like any gentleman). Immediately after I said yes the boys at the frat party down the street starting chanting "Chug! Chug! Chug!" so now keg stands make us feel all romantic.
The most romantic bench in New Orleans
And I have romance on the mind because today is our 8th anniversary!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!

    I wear the Cortanas for my speedwork and I also take them with me when I travel, so light and comfy! I hope you like them.

  2. Hope you had a great anniversary!

    The Cortanas have been in my rotation for a couple of years now. I'm a fan. I even ran a marathon in them. Sounds like they are being phased out, however, by the Zealot. I really like the way those feel, but since they are new, the price is $$$. Boo.

    You might like the Brooks Launch 2 as well. LOVE how they fit--much better than the Pure line.

  3. Well happy anniversary to you two! Keep us updated on the Cortanas, I've looked at them a couple of different times but always go back to Brooks for my bulky shoes. Also, did you say Kinvara 1's??? I'm on Kinvara 6!!! You should upgrade when you can, they've really made some significant changes for the better (in my opinion)

  4. Yes. New shoes are great! I forgot what they feel like...
    Happy anniversary! I love how the porches in the south are always kept up and have a swing or a rocking chair on them. :)