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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Another last minute race? Sort of.

I signed up for this on June 22nd, so it's not really last minute - not as much as my other races have been lately. It's Four on the Fourth, that fun 4th of July race in Covington that is followed by a bikini beer mile (I will not be participating)!
I love this funky race - the director is goofy, the prizes are silly (last time I raced it I won a shark-shaped bottle opener...ok...), and fourth-place finishers get the biggest prize. This year, me and my slow times might just win fourth. I was third last time - I'm only concerned that I will be too slow to make fourth!
Is any one else racing July 4th? And if so, what are you wearing?
Not the exact shirt, but similar

Coeur Sports sent me an awesome red and blue ensemble I plan to wear - with my flag crop top. I actually bought this top specifically to wear to the race! Got to be festive!


  1. We're running a 5K on the fourth, and it's always a fun event. I'll keep all bikini beer mile comments to myself… I'm a grandfather of 3.5 grandchildren for goodness sake, I should probably act like it.

    1. The bikini beer mile is mostly for male participants. I've seen more men in bikinis puking than I'd ever like to see in my whole life.

  2. Ha ha. I know exactly where Jim's imagination had taken him. And I'm pretty sure it involved Playboy bunnies and high heels.

  3. Your outfit sounds so fun! I have no plans to race this 4th but this makes me think I want to check out the options here in Bend. There has to be something! I love the idea of a family 5k on the 4th so maybe I'll see if there is one that is actually affordable for a family of 5. At $30...even $20 a person, this adds up. Have fun! Ha ha...laughing at Char!

  4. FLAG CROP TOP!!! I love it! I am jealous now I wish I had one. Have fun... I love 4th of July races!