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Sunday, June 28, 2015

I love this: magic erasers

Ok, so I actually got the generic. What I really love is "melamine foam sponges".

They are my new favorite cleaning tool, and yes, that's the level of boring to which I've sunk. I have a favorite cleaning tool.
Smudge on wall from clumsy spouse
Scrub, scrub - it's gone!

But it really is a thrill. We have an old house with flat paint, and every little scuff stays on the walls. I finally tried the magic eraser, and it takes the smudges off safely and easily! Hurray for scuff-free walls!


  1. I think your readers would enjoy a post on your favorite color of pen?

  2. I have a favourite cleaning tool too and her name is Evelyn.

  3. I usually use Fantastik and a rag or white paper towel, but the scuff marks drive me crazy too. I can't totally blame my husband, but I think I can attribute about 70% to him.