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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Weekend: A whole lot of painting

It's Vacation Bible School week at my church, and as usual I got picked for painting the backdrop! Don't doodle on your church bulletins during the service...someone will notice and put you to work. Most of the skits for the week take place in "the throne room" so, the I painted a throne room! 
Just started:

Almost done:
We hung it up in church and it looks good enough for kid-eyes. 
While I'm talking about art, this weekend we parked on Poydras while doing some gift-shopping. We got a close-up of two sculptures by Carole Feuerman that were installed recently: incredibly life-like!

It was an arts-and-crafts kind of weekend - after painting and installing my backdrop, I tweaked an old and simple pattern I have to make this basic chambray dress. I love this pattern: it is so fast and easy, and because the fabric is cut on the bias, the finished product drapes just right. 
But it's boring, so I'll be accessorizing that one.


  1. I am amazed by your craftiness, Grace! I wish I had half of your talent! I'd made lots of clothes if I could. I love how you just casually mention you did all this in one weekend too! Amazing!!!

  2. I am in awe, I can't imagine painting a backdrop like that or making a dress. That swimmer in the blue suit looks super cool!

  3. You're a really talented lady. That backdrop isn't just good enough for kids eyes- some of us adults are pretty impressed with it too.