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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I should definitely sign up for a race.

Since I already had an established relationship with Christian, my newbie PT who helped me rehab after my left hip surgery, I set up care with him again for the right hip. Since my last stint in PT, he was promoted to the job he wanted: working at Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine. It's good for him, but for me it means he's at the uptown office now, rather than downtown in my building. Still, I think it's worth it to stick with the same guy. He already knows me, my tendencies, etc.
Yay! More photocopied exercise instructions! 

Wednesday was the first appointment, which really doesn't involve much more besides a history. And since he already knows a lot of that, it didn't take long at all. We did some strength tests, some exercise bike, and - oh, joy - some massage!
I have been really tight in the right quad ever since surgery, and he did some Graston on the quad and around the surgery site. Oh my WORD, I needed it. It hurt just right, and now I am even more bruised than I was before.
I also took the steri-strips off my portals, and they look good: nice and healed, not draining or anything. I think they're actually going to stay closed this time.

While I was waiting in the PT's office, I got this email. It was from the Crescent City Classic - about a price increase on the CCC10k. Ack. What to do? The race is the first weekend in April, and I will be back running my mid-March. So I will in no possible way be "racing". However, I still feel like I should do it! For one thing, my husband already signed up (traitor). For another, it's a fun time, and I could get a top 500 finisher poster, which is always the goal. Getting into the top 500 used to be super important, and not easy if you were a woman - but over time they've adjusted the policy to be a little more girl-friendly. First they did "top 500 plus women under 45:00", then they did "top 500, plus next 100 women", then they finally changed it to top 500 men and top 500 women. This change really opened it up for both men and women - but the standards, of course, are WAY down. A woman running a 50 minute 10k can almost squeak in and get a poster. This has created some uproar in the local running community, but it has the advantage of probably allowing me a poster, even if I walk-run it.
I wants the seeded one, please

And the final reason that I want to run it is because I qualified for the darn B corral, and I want a B corral bib for once. So there.
So I bit the bullet.
I'm racing about 15 weeks post-op. My PT gave it the go-ahead, but only because "You'd do it anyway, and I like to feel in control" - he's so funny. My doctor probably wouldn't, but luckily, he's not my doctor anymore anyway! Ha!
If anyone wants to come race a fantastic 10k and make fun of me limping along at 9-min pace all at the same time, come join me.


  1. Glad you got back with your old PT--a good one is worth his/her weight in gold. And of course you signed up! ; )

  2. I see no harm in it -- that's pretty much why I ran a couple of 5Ks last spring once my stress fracture was healed. Might as well have some fun as you start running again!

  3. I doubt that anyone who knows you is surprised you're running it. Of course you are. And of course you'll find a way to limp to the poster.

    BTW, if you have time, read the comments on my last post about the treadmill. A reader was disagreeing with me, which is always fine, but I think they disagreed with you and everyone else too. Maybe you can lend a medical point of view.

  4. HAHAHA!!!! A girl after my own heart… I signed up for Boston the night I went into labor….

    You rock!