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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Embrace the brace!

Seven more blurry pictures of clothes with braces!
1. Friday. Blech. I thought work would be quiet the day after New Year's, so I gave my girls a "jeans day". Instead it was busy and my sweater and jeans looked dreadfully unprofessional. I had shoes at some point...
Used to have burgundy lug-sole flats. Took them off as soon as I walked in the door.
2. Saturday. I got called in to work an emergency shift on Saturday, which as you can imagine, sucked on crutches. I love this bright scarf and I had the cardigan over the brace. I like cream and white together: that was on purpose. Not a color-blind mistake.

3. Sunday: Jean and T with a scarf and those ubiquitous peep-toe booties everyone is wearing, which will be totally out of style next year. 

4. Monday: Cropped sweater over camisole. I like the sweater, but it was too short, so I cut it into a crop top. I don't know why I'm wearing khakis so much lately. I don't even like them. 

5. Tuesday. Huge fail. Supposed to be cute plaid on plaid, but the bulky sweatshirt looked awful under the brace, and lesson learned: dolman sleeves don't work with crutches. Tons of weird bunching. Smoking shoes...for anyone who is interested. 
This looks worse than I remembered it.
6. Wednesday. It was freezing cold, so I put on a wool sweater, much to my allergies' chagrin. The kids at my Bible study asked me if it was the Fourth of July. This is the dressing room at my PT's office. It's very convenient, so I don't have to cram into a dirty restroom at the hospital to change. 
Where are my crutches?
7. Thursday: For the coldest day of the year so far, I layered a sweater over a T-shirt - and the brace. With booties - they have a 1.5" heel, which was probably a dumb idea for my first day with one crutch. 



  1. Yeah I guess the clothes look nice, I have no idea how that stuff works. But question - why are the crutches never dressed up? Seems like they should accent the outfit. That's what I would do anyway.

  2. You look super cute! Way more variety than I ever manage.

  3. I am so far behind on blogs that I didn't even know that you had this most recent surgery! Hope you feel better soon!