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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Autism: the gift with no return

I just wanted to share this article written by one of my running group buddies:
Autism: the gift with no return.
Ben, and his dad Sam, run with the Varsity Sports track group. It's probably hard for ben - his seizure disorder leads to uncontrolled hand movements, and his running can be awkwardly difficult. But I loved that he was always out there, difficult or not, completing the workout while holding his dad's hand for assistance. I don't know Ben well, because he cannot speak - only type. It's hard to get to know someone on the track when you can't speak to them. But we're facebook friends, and I've gotten to know him some more that way. Wow, how much this man has overcome! Despite his physical limitations and his barriers to communication, he's succeeding. Ben started college at Tulane last year on scholarship and is a guest blogger for Nolavie. His article above is an excellent glimpse into his life with autism.


  1. Wow! He is a fantastic writer. THAT is an incredible gift. Impressive guy.

  2. He has an incredible way of expressing himself.