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Friday, January 2, 2015

Brace yourself

...For a week's worth of blurry outfits. This is post-op week #2 clothes-with-braces!
1. Friday, Dec 26: Blue sweater, cargo pants, very unprofesh shoes that are cute and comfy. Doesn't do much to hide the brace, but sweaters work well under the brace because they don't ride or move around as much as a thinner, more slippery fabric.

At work with oops, no crutches.
Then for a party right after work, I changed into bronze heels and a crop top with my new gold cuff bracelet. A crop top is a great way to camouflage the brace! Really, the best way: it sorts of covers it, and the brace blends in if you wear a black tank top underneath.

2. Saturday: Boring casual stuff: Yellow jeans, striped T, clogs, and a picture taken right at bedtime because I almost forgot! Baggy top bunched under the brace uncomfortably.

3. Sunday: Black jeans and babydoll top with a great scarf - it has warm browns, greens, and beiges, but incorporates black, so I can wear it with many outfits. My favorite leather wedges (because aren't they beautiful?). You can barely see the brace with all this black on black, and the scarf hides it, too. 

4. Monday, Dec 29: This didn't work well at all. I wore a boxy navy turtleneck that I normally like paired with slim trousers, but the boxy shape was ruined by the brace and it became an awkwardly gathered bustle in the back. With a big necklace and dark burgundy maryjanes.

Please excuse my toilet paper, which snuck into my photo 

5. Tuesday: Extremely average work outfit: Gray trousers, argyle sweater, awful gray work clogs, pearls. I have worn some combination of this outfit to work about ten thousand times. The brace stands out, but again - doesn't move as much against a sweater. 

For dinner with friends, I put on jeans and these insane boots, with have 3.5 inch wedges. And then I walked down my torn-up, muddied, under-construction street like that. I didn't fall and break my other hip.

6. Wednesday: Had to take a picture in the dark gym because I knew that right after work I'd be changing for PT. Since it was a little casual at work today (almost no one was there, really, it being a holiday and all), I wore bright green corduroy. They're a little tight, but that actually works best with the brace.

And then later, for two New Year's parties, I wore white pants, absurd white d'orsay wedges with a blue "racing stripe" up the back of the heel, and a sheer black top. I wore it over the brace, but it just ended up looking bulky. 
Bulky. I am so bulky. 

7. Thursday. New Year's Day! Just jeans and a sweater. Tank, then brace, then cardigan seems to work well to sort of keep everything in place.

Two weeks of brace left. I shall survive! I shall overcome!


  1. Happy new year Gracie! You are so cute. Love your Parisian style. You are fabulous brace or no brace! Kristen

  2. With or without the brace you always look great.

  3. Well you manage to still look cute and pulled together despite having that brace. I am impressed that you still wear heels. I felt like the most frumpy person even when I was in my walking boot, but then it was actually worse when I got out of the boot and had to wear tennis shoes for 4 weeks because at least with the boot it was obvious I was injured, whereas I just looked like fashion roadkill when i was wearing tennis shoes with dresses, etc.

  4. Mmmyeah. If I had recently had surgery and was in a brace / on crutches, I'd be wearing the closest thing to sweats that I could lol. I'm
    Impressed with all the heels too!

  5. So many parties = so many heels!

  6. Love the fashion line-up! I think Friday nights outfit is my fave!

  7. Clotheshorse :) You look great! With or without the brace. I like the yellow jeans and the shoe collection - I'm absolutely hopeless at shoes and no matter how many pairs I have, I just rotate between my black flats, my brown loafers and my sandals...