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Friday, December 13, 2013

Perfect timing

Yesterday I woke up to weather in the low 40's and no hot water in the shower. But just the shower. And the cold water works fine. If you turn the hot water tap, nothing comes out!
Luckily, I was taking a rest day, so I didn't discover this when all sweaty after a run. But it was just too cold for a cold shower, so I had to do a sink bath (so inconvenient).
We've been having problems with our tub for years now. There is some invisible chronic leak that is soaking the floor boards, which are basically rotting out beneath our feet. The plumbers keep coming out and keep shrugging and telling us not to splash water on the floor. I am so frustrated with these guys by now: they're chosen by our landlords, so I can't replace them, but they've come to examine a saturated floor and wall several times, and still think that there is no leak. They apparently think David and I have rowdy bubble baths or shower with the curtain open, because they keep blaming us for the moisture. That just not possible. Even if we were splashy types, which we're not, we're very careful, it's simply too much water to be accounted for in that way.

The last time they came, they replaced the faucet to "see if that would help" and now water gushes from the faucet all the time. It never turns off. That, plus the fact that the bathroom is about to fall off the side of the house with rot, prompted our very good landlords to plan to replace the entire tub, pipes, and floor. It's going to be a big project, so they put it off until after the holiday. But now we have to speed that up: and I have no hot shower, cold weather, and they might as well tackle the whole project now. Looks like I'll be at the in-laws house this Christmas!