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Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's December?

Yesterday's forecast was 70's with humidity reaching 97%.

That was just the forecast, though. In reality? It hit 80 yesterday!

It looks like almost no wind was forecast, but at 8 am it was breezy in the park. In this warm and gusty weather, I decided to chance a little speed. I've been running very slowly since coming back, with the exception of the Turkey Day race (which, although not blazing fast, was fast for me). Of course, I haven't been wearing a Garmin or watch, so I'm sure there were days when I was a little more peppy thanks to nice weather or something. But overall, quite slow.
Yesterday I thought I'd try some easy speed and see what happened to my leg. So I decided to do my regular slow 3 miles, but throw in two half-mile repeats of whatever fast felt like.
Naturally, when mile one beeped and I sped up, I was facing right into the wind, so it started out rough. But I managed to do two half-miles with a minute standing rest for a total of 6:38 running time (I didn't record the half-mile splits). And it felt hard.
Then I jogged home, stretched, rolled, and babied my leg. I feel good today, so next week I'll add a little more.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go turn the AC on.


  1. 69? Better break out the layers tonight!

  2. We have 70 degree temps here today. It's weird to walk to work without a coat. Meanwhile it's like 0 degrees in Minnesota.

    That is great that your return to running is going well! You are still so speedy. Meanwhile I haven't ran a single step in nearly 8 months. *sob*

  3. lol - AC in December?!? CA gets super cush weather, but around here we have had a cold spell - feels like we are in Tahoe right now with temps around 45 or so during the day. Though I know this is nothing to people in most of the country like Minnesota, North Dakota, etc lol

  4. Don't worry, it's turning full-on winter here. For Saturday's 8-hour race, the HIGH temperature is currently forecast to be 26, and it's snowing right now. Imagine how excited I am to be spending a section of the race in a canoe.

  5. This weather is out.of.control. What in the WORLD is going on?

  6. Oh good grief! Here we had a high of 5 degrees and a low of -14. Too bad we can't meet in the middle!!

  7. Glad to hear the come back is going well! (And hey, 80 is better than 20...)