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Monday, December 9, 2013

Gingerbread masterpieces

Almost just "pieces". Our house is still clinging together, but I feel it's not long for this world. It's just so hard to make gingerbread in this humidity!
I decorated the front.

David decorated the back.
Of course, my friend had Pinterest pulled up on her phone while we were decorating, much to my chagrin. Obviously our creations look nothing like the Pinterest versions! Next time I plan to play a slideshow of New Orleans blight to make us feel better while we decorate.


  1. Impressive gingerbread houses!

    And thanks to the Saints for beating the Panthers, 49ers will need the Saints to do the same thing in 2 weeks so the 49ers can get the 5 seed. Crazy that a 12-4 record will likely mean a wildcard haha

  2. It's beautiful! Mine would look like a blind toddler decorated it! ;-)