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Monday, December 16, 2013

Hot oiled hair

Good morning people!
Not a good morning. Saints were eaten alive last night, just because they could have clinched a playoff berth. I'm putting my paper bag back on.
I hope your weekend was lovely. Mine was - if only because the plumbers did a temporary faucet fix, and we get to keep our bathroom for a little longer.
And good thing, too, because I needed to shower for about 45 minutes after idiotically attempting a hot oil hair treatment on Friday.
See, I kind of hate my hair. I never do anything to it, and it's starting to look pretty run-down and dumpy.
Friday night I looked at my frizzy waves and decided that it would be a great idea to rub olive oil into them. At the time, it also seemed like a good idea to put infuse the oil with coffee grounds, because the Google suggested it.
After ten minutes to oil dribbling down my nose and greasy coffee washing down the drain, I ended up with a plastic bag on my head and a winter hat over that. And then I went to sleep.
In the morning, I brushed grounds out of my bed, put on my running shoes, and ran with greasy hair bare. I smelled like an Italian espresso bar. Then I used most of our shampoo to scrub the oil out.
Where is my amazing shine you promised me?!

Smug smug smug! Flat head. Boo. 

Whatever. It's soft, but it looks exactly the same. Fifty year old face, twelve year old hair. Something's off here. I need your hair advice. What can I do to get rid of that bleah flat look? I have a low forehead, and combined with my haircut, I look scalped. And unprofessional at work.

The rest of my weekend was a blur of cooking, candy making, grocery shopping, football, church, and Greek. I'm trying to learn Greek and Saturday I hit the wall of the third declension. I was cool with two declensions; tossing that third one in there is making me forget whatever I already learned.
Saturday night we made a pleasant restaurant discovery: a place on Magazine called Baie Rouge. We brought a bottle of dry rose from Sonoma and had the drum and duck; it was delicious food, a pleasant atmosphere, perfect-sized portions, and had no corking fee. So fine dining for $44 before tip!

Made any great restaurant discoveries lately?
Hair suggestions? Must not require much or any styling!


  1. I was shocked watching that Rams-Saints game, the Rams seem to beat the really good teams, but then lose to worse teams - really weird. Next weeks Saints-Panthers game will determine who gets the 2 seed and the 6 seed. The 49ers likely will go 2-0 to take the 5 seed.

  2. I feel your football pain--the Ravens have been ugly this year. Such is the life of teams in the first years post-superbowl win!

    You have great hair, coffee and oil treatment or not!

  3. I'm sorry for you about your Saints, but it was a happy happy day for my Rams-loving husband, who's had much football sadness to endure over the past few years.

    I think your hair looks beautiful in the pictures, and I have no good advice. You wouldn't want to listen to mine anyway...I only get my hair cut about once a year. Sigh, style icon I'm not.

  4. I had to laugh at "because google suggested it." That's so something I would do. And I think your hair looks pretty! Have you considered getting it cut in layers? My hairdresser talked me into it, and I really like mine now. (Mine is similar to yours in texture, etc.)

  5. Um...I'm 50 years old and my face doesn't look that good (you need about 50 more wrinkles). Your hair is gorgeous, though. My hair hates this god forsaken dryness in Colorado (but I'm not moving :)).