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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We're poster people: Crescent City Classic top 500 poster

We're officially runners in the New Orleans sense of the word:

We have a Crescent City Classic poster!
I ended up putting it in my kitchen, under the blinding glare of our absurdly bright fluorescents, because we have limited wall space: we can't put holes in our lath-and-plaster walls and have to hang art from our picture rails or prop it on ledges. I took down a pear still life in the kitchen and replaced it with this years' poster.

David likes the poster in the kitchen because he remembers a friend on his street with "weird" parents who ran, and they always had the current CCC poster in their breakfast nook. He gets so nostalgic about this that he's mentioned it, oh, every time we eat breakfast.

The dark blue kind of dominates my yellow kitchen, but oh, well.
This is our only shrine to running. Do you display medals, bibs, posters, trophies, etc? I threw all mine out last year but I took a photo to preserve the memory!

1 comment:

  1. I've never had a poster or anything but that one certainly looks like it fits. I have all my medals in my office but I'm sure one day they'll all go away as well!