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Friday, May 3, 2013

I can cycle!

This week I got to add in cycling! It's slightly closer to running, and a nice change from the pool. The first time I biked (stationary bike) I felt some muscular soreness, but it was bilateral so I don't think it is related to the stress fracture. More related to my out-of-shapeness. The next time I biked I had no pain or soreness at all. Two weeks of this, then I can work in running!

In other news. I finally went to collect my labwork from several weeks ago. My results were generally fine. There were some low-normal-range results, and guess what? News flash: that's still normal. It annoys me when people are all, "My calcium is low! It's 8.6 and normal is 8.4 so like it's a little low!" No, it isn't. The range is 8.4 - 10.4, so you're fine. You're practically in the middle. Quit being a hypochondriac.

There were two actual low results, though.
1. My vitamin D is 26.6, so in the fuzzy "insufficiency" range. Whatever, I'll take a vitamin D capsule. Can't hurt to increase it while I'm trying to heal my bones. Sheesh, if I could go running and get out in the sun I'm sure I could fix my vitamin D in no time!
2. My alkaline phosphatase was low. I assume my doctor got an alk phos to make sure it wasn't HIGH, which could indicate bone cancer, but as it turns out it's low. That's a sign of hypothyroidism. No big surprise there; I am hypothyroid secondary to a thyroidectomy when I was a teenager. But I'm the world's worst patient, so I stopped taking thyroid hormone replacement a while ago. This is a reminder to get back to the doctor and get that regulated.

Stuff that really matters, like PTH and calcium, were all fine. I'll call my doctor back to discuss the results and see if he wants me on some vitamin D, then I suppose I had better find a PCP to follow up on the ol' thyroid.


  1. I am glad that you are able to bike again! I am hoping to get cleared to bike and swim when I go back for my follow-up appt next Friday. I have been doing ab work and upper body strength training but I NEED CARDIO. I feel very gross and soft and I just don't like what I see when I look in the mirror so hopefully I am back at it soon...

  2. Yay for the cycling! Getting in a little cardio (of the non-swimming variety) always helps me feel like Im moving further towards running again. You're nearly there! ~Penny

  3. Yay for cycling! You will be running before your know it. :) Good luck with the thyroid. I know that can be tricky to regulate. Glad the other tests were fine (and I love what you said about people being so overly dramatic about test results. It seems like many are looking for something to blame. Love the post card!!!

  4. I just had some blood work drawn the other day and it always makes me so darn nervous waiting for the results, so I just block it out of my head and try to ignore it. Even though i can just look my results up in the computer at work, I don't look. Just typing about it makes me nervous, ugh.

  5. I am right there with you on the bike. I try to be grateful that I can do something - but it is just not running, ya know! ;) Glad to hear you are progressing! Kristen

  6. Glad that you can get on the bike now, every bit of progress helps. Hopefully you are able to progress to running soon.

    Thanks a lot for the advice on glucosamine, sounds like taking it 3 times a day at 500mg is what the consensus seems to be? Any recommended products or doses? Yea, I'm not sure if my problem is a joint problem, it may relate to having a tight left IT band, and it is putting tension on my inside left knee (similar problem to what I had back in May 2011). So maybe a combination of glucosamine, ART and PT can help me.

  7. HOORAY for biking. I know it just ain't the same, but it's a step closer, right?

    So my husband and I and a couple of friends just decided on pretty short notice to take a trip next week. We'll be in New Orleans for a couple of those days, one of them being our anniversary. Can you make any recommendations? I'll be doing my homework this week too because I know absolutely nothing about N.O. or what to do there, so I'll take any suggestions!

  8. We are in the same place ... Bike and pool
    Did 15 miles today on bike and feel sore in the hips... That could also be from power walking a half marathon Sunday I don't know...

  9. Definitely a step in the right direction! Woo hoo! (Sorry I'm on a huge commenting spree) I'm glad you picked up your results and def get your butt back to the doc and on your meds, I never knew just how much your thyroid plays a part of your... well, everything, until now.