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Monday, May 6, 2013

Locks of Love wouldn't even take it.

I finally cut the stringy mass that was my hair. I severed eight inches of pathetic split ends.

Now it's short and wavy. As soon as I hit mid-back, the weight of my hair pulls it completely straight. The shorter it is, the more wave it has.
Sorry for the creepy expression. I'm bad at self-portraits. Good thing I don't post a million pictures of myself every single day.

This was a particularly puffy day at the office right after I cut it. My allergies are killing me this year. I think it's much nicer without the silly hair clip, but then it gets in my eyes. And in everyone's pill bottles.


  1. Wait, your hair is long??? Huh, guess I need to pay more attention - ha, I thought it was short. Gotta catch up on your old posts now and find out how the leg's healing. Have a good week!

  2. You have the hair that I want. Of course everyone with straight hair wants a little wave and vice versa right?

    1. Ain't that the truth! I like that my waves are easy to handle (like, no styling required), but it sure would be nice to have sleek smooth locks for once!

  3. That's AFTER 8 inches???

    It looks so cute!! Love it!

    (I just cut off 5 inches, also very damaged)

  4. Well I think it looks beautiful! And if you still have that much hair after cutting off 8" it must have been REALLY long! I love the natural wave/body! I have kind of wavy hair but it only looks good styled that way when it's quite long so I have to blow dry and straighten it every day right now!

  5. I just chopped off my hair too! It was about 11 inches of damaged craziness! Feels sooooo much better now! xoxo

  6. Loving the shorter look! I would kill for your waves, my hair is straight as straight can be and falls flat 5 minutes after I do anything to it.