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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Almost ready to run

Five and a half weeks after seeing my doctor, I am almost ready to run again. I spent the last six weeks resting, then progressing to core and upper body work, then water jogging, then lower body work, then exercise bike, then mild plyometrics to test for pain.
Last real run: the Crescent City Classic! I'm in the front of the Varsity New Orleans Group, second from L.

So far, after the initial period of rest, the pain has not returned. I am allowed to progress to run/walk intervals this weekend. I will then work in more running over 2 weeks; after that I can basically pretend I am a newbie just learning to run.

I have a few concerns about this return.
- Is it too soon? I took off 6 weeks for a complete femoral stress fracture - as in, a broken bone. I mean, it did have five months of healing, but still...
- Why am I dealing with osteitis pubis? Just like the last time I took off running (last summer, to heal osteitis pubis) the condition was worse when I wasn't running/right after return to running. Does running help, or is the condition progressing (horrors!)?
- Will I re-injure? I don't know what caused this fracture to begin with, and I sense that my left leg is still weaker. Then, there is my crappy running form where my foot initially kicks out from my body, then crosses back over to the other side of my body. Too much movement, too much wasted energy. Should I invest in a running form lesson or two as I return to running, or is that asking for trouble?

Anyone have some good advice for me about returning to running? Especially if you had a stress fracture? I definitely do not want to re-injure myself!


  1. If I were you, I might consider getting a PT referral so they can help you with the imbalances and see if there are any Good Form Running classes being held anywhere near you. Google it, you should be able to find something near you. I'm doing both as soon as the doc gives me my all clear, which will hopefully be Tuesday. Fingers crossed for us both!!!

  2. Yay! Progress!! Check out Brain Training by Matt Fitzergerald. He has a chapter on running form and ways to improve through emulation of pros and practicing different proprioceptive cues (there are 12). He thinks that you can - and should - tinker with your running form. ~Kristen

  3. I don't know - you may be at the point of needing a coach, there are a lot of questions here. Is there any running form clinics in your area? Or do the Varsity running group have any form clinics? That might help. Hopefully the PT person can give you a routine to do year round that keeps your body good.

    6 weeks off really isn't that much, I bet you can almost go back to your normal routine before, but maybe dial down the distance and intensity to maybe 70% or so.

    Right now I'm in PT, and after I'm cleared to start running I'm going to look into a form clinic, since that might be one reason why I'm getting injured.

    This plan is probably way too easy for you, but here is something that I tried to follow after my left knee injury in 2011 - I got too aggressive with it, and got a right ankle stress fracture. But I was off for like 4 months, so way longer than you.

  4. I would definitely only get a running a running coach or form instructor if you're 100% committed to a complete revamp. Undoubtedly it will change much of what you're comfortable with presently. I wouldn't do it just to bring relief from some temporary pain or to mask the deeper issue. Anyway, the 6 weeks really seemed to fly by on my end, but I'm sure it seemed like forever to you. Best wishes, and take it slow.

  5. I don't really have any good advice, but it sounds like other people do. Good luck as you continue to get back to running...I hope things go well!

  6. I get the part where you are not sure if its too soon... All the what if.... I have not started the healing process yet...but I know I will be nervous when I get the real green light... Right now I am still in deny and I have not rested more than 3 days in a row... After 3 days I get on the TM and I walk and I always test the pain to see if its still there by running a little and well that is just really stupid.... I would take is easy of I were you. Slowly but surely.

  7. Osteitis pubis is an inflammatory condition so you may consider taking tumeric every day. This is a natural anti inflammatory without any side effects.
    Otherwise I think you should get professional advice as to a recovery program.

  8. I know I was really gun-shy when I returned to running after my foot fiasco. After a few months, it gets easier and you forget that you were injured. Of course, everything on my body aches right now so really, I'm not one to give any advice. Ha. Just ease back into it slowly and trust what your body tells you. Glad to hear you're given the green light to get back out there...that's gotta feel good!

  9. I remember getting an xray to check that it was healed, and the doctor told me it looked good, which gave me some peace of mind. I started running every other day at first, and then ramped it up from there. I didn't really do any strength work, but I do now, and I wish I had started earlier...good luck!